Latest Fall Report


Missy: 4 falls
Chris: 2 falls
Lisa: 0 falls

Zero. ZERO. Z E R O.

(The male child didn’t attend this family outing tonight – – he had cooler places to be with cooler people to hang with. Yaknow – he’s 15)

Actually, it wasn’t funny – – except in hindsight now. Chris and I decided to run the double blacks tonight – – which is always fun in a flying-in-the-air-feet-not-touching-the-ground kind of way! We did two runs, and on the third – – about 1/4 of the way down the steep slope . . . Chris realized that he didn’t secure the binding on his right foot good enough and it came loose… and then his foot popped off his board. (He snowboards).

The poor man fell head over foot over foot over head – – it was quite a spill! It was only funny and laughable after we realized that he was OK – – but he bumped his poor wittle head but GOOD! Poor guy was covered from head to foot in snow. I wanted to check his head for bumps or skin breaks – but even he wasn’t sure where he hit it. ….

“…In the general above-the-neck-between-the-ears area…”

Helpful, too – did I mention?

Determined not to allow that to be his last run – – up we went again as the weather dipped from a cool 9 degrees . . down to a balmy 0 degrees with a minus 20 degree wind chill.

Oh yea – it was cold! The colder the better, though – – I utterly love that bitter cold weather. Especially when skiing – I find it so energizing, pure and invigorating!

We got home – – decorated the rest of the tree – – wrapped the rest of the presents and we are ready to rock!

Now it’s time to flop into bed and die for the next several hours! Ta ta!

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5 thoughts on “Latest Fall Report”

  1. I’m glad he’s all right — geezsh. Glad you had fun, too.

    Also, I wanted to thank you again for everything you do. You totally rawk.

    Thanks, Lisa. 😀

  2. I think Lisa’s putting a little ‘liberal media spin’ on everything here. What she keeps forgetting to add is something like:
    Melissa: Black Diamond
    Chris: Black Diamond
    Lisa: Green Circle / Ski Lodge

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