It's almost 2 am….


…and I’m finally winding down from the weekend.

Chris flew back to Atlanta earlier today – so I have the house to myself yet again this week. As I’ve said – this will go on for the next few months….he flies out Sunday night and flies back home Friday night…only to turn around and fly out again on Sunday night. I’m having a love/hate relationship with this whole thing. I miss him when he’s gone – – but enjoy the time to myself and the quiet house all to myself. I’ve always been a big personal space advocate, and as they say – absence makes the heart grow fonder..yada…yada…yada.

In the meantime – I do get bored, so I try to find fun things to amuse myself with. I swim and sunbathe…work..spend time with kids…shop…blog….design stuff….chat on the phone…read…overdose on FoxNews. I think I need to get out more – – anyone wanna go shopping with me? Dinner? A movie? lol

Man, am I sounding bored, or what? After a weekend like I had – you’d think I would be looking forward to the week alone, hey? Nah – I am. What I’m not looking forward to is going back to work tomorrow.

Blech and double blech!

In the meantime – – is anyone really following this story closely? I saw the link on Drudge and thought to myself – – who gives a rip? I suppose there are folks who do care about it…somewhere.

I’d rather spend my time and effort my President a very Happy Birthday!! (via Mog)

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  1. I have to admit I have been following it – – actually for some weeks now. Through who all the possibles were and on and on and on – – I have to say it wasn’t the big boom for me that I thought it would be when he picked Edwards. It was very anticlimactic.

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