Is That All I Do Is Work?


Good thing I love my job!

flwrbabe deconstructed Sasha, over at Flwrbabe Deconstructed, recently joined the Blogs About community and requested a few skins. We’ve got her halfway there this morning with a skin that she had requested using the art of Kirsten Ulve. Sasha picked out the perfect image for herself – and is now in the pink! Go say hi!

Uptown GirlSpeaking of pink – Reilly is a tremendously huge pink lover! So much so that I gave her my skin – – yep, you may recognize it, because it was originally here at Just A Girl. The pink fit her so much better than it did me – that I popped it over on her blog where it rightfully belongs. It is HER color, after all!

And finally . . .

No CredentialsRose, over at No Credentials contacted me about a skin for her BlogSpot blog. After giving me the specs for the design she wanted – we got her all done up! She’s a writer and has a very interesting blog with some really great reads over there! Pop on over and give her a visit and say hi!

12 thoughts on “Is That All I Do Is Work?”

  1. Ahem. :: gestures wildly ::

    All you do is work.

    And then there are Pesky Customers like me who never stop with the QUESTIONS!!

    :: more hand-waving ::

    I have another one, but I’ll wait. LOL!

    :: walks off, talking with her hands ::

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  3. I know this is an old post, but Kirsten Ulve’s artwork is not released for use on personal blogs or by blog design companies. This is a statement from the artist herself.

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