I talk with my hands. I do – I’m very expressive when I’m talking . . my hands are always moving. Even when I’m on the phone and no one can see me – my hands are still going as I talk.

I never noticed it much before – until Chris brought it to my attention this morning. Then I became real conscience of it – and tried to stop. I can’t believe how stifled I felt by trying to keep my hands at my side as I talked. Claustrophobic, even! It a very short period of tim (ok – a few seconds ) my hands were moving again . . . even though I was trying to make a concerted effort not to move them as I talk.

I’ve since learned that it’s impossible for my hands to stay still while I’m talking. I guess it’s fine – as long as I don’t hit anyone.

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25 thoughts on “Hands”

  1. I talk with my hands too. When I was younger I was discouraged from doing it. Then I switched to talking with a finger. Now people enjoy my moving hands.

  2. Same thing here. I’m not nearly as bad as mrs. knight, who I can make almost silent by holding her hands if she starts talking. :mrgreen:

  3. That’s exactly what happened, astro! I didn’t move my hands. . . and my mouth didn’t move either.

    Hey… don’t anyone let Chris in on THAT secret!

  4. Jay I have gotten compliments as well. Astro- be good! But my husband tried that and I could not concentrate to speak! Ugh what a mess:smile:

  5. I don’t move my hands, but I pace like there is no tomorrow… I even insisted on a tile pattern in the kitchen so that I could follow it while I talk….

  6. Girl, you must be a latino, or at least your roots were Italian or Spanish. Don’t bother, I like it. For sure you must be spicy.

  7. You should not feel self conscience for “talking” with your hands. It just means that you are pasionate about what you are speaking about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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