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I have Adult ADHD, I swear. Maybe not even the adult version . . . quite possibly the infantile version. When, I want to know, did it become impossible for me to concentrate on just one thing at a time? My mind hops all over the place pretty much constantly. Most often, it’s a positive thing.. because it does allow me to accomplish multiple things during the course of my day. Other times, however – it can really be distracting and irritating.

Overstimulation of my senses gets to me. Phones, TVs, radios, people talking, the little noise my email makes when a new message comes in, the clickety clacking of my keyboard, birds outside my window… most days I’m fine with it all. Some days I could scream.

Today is one of those “I could scream” days.

However – about 6 months ago, I found a really nice solution to those “I could scream” days.

I bought these. They are “Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones” by BOSE. They cancel out everything. I mean… everything. I have them on at the moment and can’t even hear the clickety clacking of my keyboard as I type this. They are perfect and I couldn’t live without them, seriously.

Sometimes, I plug them into my computer and listen to music as I work. I’m doing that now… and before I realized it, I was tapping my foot along with Peter Framptoms “Show Me The Way”.

Peter Frampton. How many people even remember who Peter Frampton is?

Not only am I over stimulated, but I’m old too.

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5 thoughts on “In The Quiet”

  1. Good grief no, the Bose are only $299… and they are quite nice for active, noise-canceling headphones. They’re especially good when flying as they pretty much eliminate the droning of the jet engines and other onboard noise.

    But don’t buy the Bose for sound *quality* … if you really want to hear music through a top notch headphone, check out the Grado RS1s but the price is likely to cause light-headedness. If you’re serious about music, they are however worth it.

  2. Personally, I like my purple earplugs. Did I tell you that I have a purple wall in my office at my new job? Plus, I like purple M&Ms, they’re good and they taste different than other M&Ms. AND I’m wearing purple underwear.

    The thing about me is I get too focused on one thing. Did you notice that?

  3. jeannette – you are a whole mental illness apart from the rest, all on your own. It’s why I love ya.

    So.. purple underwear…? lace? Silk? Granny panties? Do tell ;;)

  4. Wench – the BOSE are well worth the cost, I’m tellin ya! They seriously shut out the entire world… which I need sometimes.. because I’m mental.

    Michael == you’re absolutely right about using them while flying! I use them in flight every single time I’m on a plane. It drowns out engine noise AND the screaming kid sitting behind me.

    For audio – they aren’t bad, really. I’ve had better – – but for noise cancelling, you can’t beat ’em.

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