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Half LightI‘m a big fan of horror flicks. But not the chop ’em up, blood and gore types — that’s not what I’m talking about. For me – I love an excellent psychological thriller. The kind that gets into your head and fucks with your perception and senses.

Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. That’s what I’m talking about.

It’s hard to find good ones, ya know? Last night we watched the new Demi Moore flick called “Half Light” – which was…. ok… as far as strange, supernatural type flicks go. It didn’t suck – and that’s about as far as my movie review on that will go. Besides, Hans Matheson is an actor that is new to me, but his kind of dark handsome looks coupled with that rich Irish brogue was just irresistible to me.

They just aren’t writing good psychological thriller/horror stuff these days. What a bummer. Got any good ones to recommend?

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  1. I’m wracking my brain to think of a good, recent psychological flick but nothing is coming to mind. They seem to be out of favor at the moment. It seems like Hollywood is reluctant to produce a movie that requires the audience to think while watching.

  2. Looking back at the Netflix list, we also did Doom at the same time which was a bigger piece of crap than I would have ever dreamed. I had to give it a chance because normally The Rock makes things at lesat halfway worth watching (he was the ONLY good thing about Be Cool). He had one good line in the movie and the rest of it was so bad that it wasn’t even funny bad.

  3. I went into Suspect Zero with some hope, mostly because Kingsley is such an amazing actor. Both me and the wife ended up hating it. It had some good ideas, but the execution didn’t do anything for either of us and it seemed like it kind of forgot where it wanted to go. It’s like an artsy fartsy bullshit suspense movie…

  4. Reading through the Paper Clips posts reminds me, did you ever watch 28 Days Later? It’s a few years old, but it actually makes a zombie movie cerebral. Otherwise you could always check out Shaun of the Dead… 😡

  5. A cerebral zombie movie? Seriously? I am having a hard time believing you on that one :p

    Chris has tried to get me to watch Shaun of the Dead – – I haven’t broken down yet, though. It’s not really… ya know, up my alley? lol

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