I want my 'puter back



On to other things – – my computer is still crashed. Not sure what the hell is wrong with it. We installed my new motherboard and had to reformat and reinstall Windows because the hardware controllers were different.

No biggie.

Except now I have a formatted harddrive that is healthy – – and it won’t take the installation for whatever reason. I hate hardware shit. Off to the store tomorrow to buy a new harddrive and see if that helps any.

Oh – yea…I backed up. lol – – I’ve made that mistake one time too many.

I’m still using C.’s laptop to play around on the net with. I don’t like it. The mouse is odd . . . the monitor isn’t to my liking – – and the whole experience has been hazardous to my health.

I want my puter back! *whine*

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