Time to change the look of the site, I think. I’ve been working on new templates over at EW – and I’m beginning to finally get the hang of the whole CSS concept. Time to apply it here and stop using someone else’s template when I’m perfectly able to create my own. Talk about lazy!

Actually, it was a thought I had early last week – – right before my processor took a shit on me. Well…not literally, but ya know what I mean. My processor fried and my PC has been nothing more than a paperweight ever since. #102 on the list of thing that frustrate this girl!! I’m working on C’s laptop at the moment.

So, by the end of this week, I’ll have my brand new AMD Athelon XP2600 processor coupled with a Gigabyte KT400 motherboard delivered to my front door. I figure – what the heck? Since my shit fried – – might as well go whole hog in the upgrade process, hey? Wouldn’t you? 😉

I am not really a patient person, though. My system fried last week Tuesday – – and I have been a very patient girl waiting to replace it. Looking for the best price – – searching around for the best deal, and all. I can’t take all the credit, though – – C. has been keeping my impulsivity at bay.

That, and we spent the weekend camping at a place called Long Lake (about forty five minutes north of us). Yes – – outdoor camping…tents, campfire, no electricity and the whole bit! We had a blast and a half! The people in the campsite next to us were really nice and tons of fun — we ended up spending the whole weekend with them and had a really great time. We spent the weekend waterskiing, tubing (behind a speed boat), fishing, swimming, eating and drinking lots of beer after the kids went to sleep. It was great fun and we made new friends in M & M – – so much so that we exchanged phone numbers and are planning to get together more after school starts up for the kids. C. is planning to play golf with M. Labor Day weekend — and we’re talking about planning another camping trip together before winter sets in.

I’m sunburnt everywhere……every muscle in my body hurts and screams every I move! I used to waterski every day of the week in the summers when I was in high school. I figured this would be fun! I didn’t take into account that I am 15-20 years older now…and my body just can’t take the abuse as well as it used to! LOL But it was great fun — and I hope to do it again soon.

Here’s hoping for a speedy, on-time motherboard/processor delivery guy! (or girl!)

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