Holy Products


I’m sitting here in my towel…fresh from my shower. Wet hair being allowed to air dry.

I’m picking Chris up from the airport in a few hours. I’m excited that he’s coming home for the weekend – I’m crazy missin’ him. Phone sex just ain’t cuttin’ it, ya know?

As I sit here waiting for my toenail polish to dry – I’m thinking of all the products that us women use in the course of a day. It reminds me of Chris Rock’s monologue about who are the worst liars: men, or women? He says that men will tell stupid, big lies all the time – – but that’s only to make up for the lifetime of lies they’ve been victim to with the women in their life….

“You girls wear those fake colored contacts…your eyes aren’t blue. You spend hours at the salon for ‘color and lights’ – your hair ain’t blonde! You wear 6″ heels when you go out…you just ain’t that tall! You wear those miracle bras…but when it comes down to it – – your tits aren’t that big! Women are a walking, talking lie.”

While I don’t wear fake colored contacts…6″ heels (ususally..only on ‘special’ occasions)…and hell knows WHAT would happen if I put on a miracle bra! I do have a ton of products that I use on a regular basis – – makes me wonder if I’m a product addict – – or am I not the only one with a bathroom full of product?

I’m looking at what I’ve done just within the last 30 minutes:

Aveeno Shaving Cream (my personal fav) for the legs and..
Sally Hansens Shimmering Body Lotion
Loreal ‘Cherry Bomb” nail polish (fingers and toes)
Revlon’s SkinLights (peach light)
Regis Weightless Body Boosting Hair gel
Mascara, lipgloss and a little Loreal powder on my nose – later after my hair dries.
Can’t forget Bath & Body Works Body gel – my absolute favorite: Ylang Ylang.

That’s quite a list…and I think I’m actually done with it all. Men have it so easy.

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7 thoughts on “Holy Products”

  1. Loreal Vive Shampoo & Conditioner for highlighted hair
    Nuetragena face bar
    Neutragena anti-wrinkle cream w/spf 15
    Plus all of my Cover Girl makeup

    Men have it so easy – except for those metrosexuals who use way more product than I do. But I hate it when men use more product than I do.

  2. Men also have it easier in the way of cost. Their clothes are cheaper, hair cuts are cheaper and so on. I think that pisses me off more than anything.

    On a side note, when you were talking about using so many products, I couldn’t help but giggle and think of that movie The Incredible Shrinking Woman – the one who shrinks because of all the products she has come in contact with! ha

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