As if I'm not busy enough?


I’m off on yet another business venture. This one pretty much manages itself, though – the time it takes to process customer orders happens pretty quickly now that I have it all set up and ready to go. So far, I have 5 customers – all of whom are friends and family in my life who have noticed a big difference in me over the past few months.

End of February/March of this year – I decided to focus on losing a bit of weight. Over the years, I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Atkins. None of which worked for me because, quite honestly, I’m no good at keeping up with those programs. I start out with the best of intentions – – but life is too busy to try and sit and manage/count calories, carbs, etc. The shopping and food prep time was also a factor for me – – life is just too busy these days. I never was much of a breakfast person – because when I get ready to go to work in the morning, I’m usually flying out the door. My breakfast usually always consisted of the Sausage/Egg biscuit at McDonalds…and I loved the hash browns.

In February – I was talking to a friend who tried the Herbalife Program. It’s a program where the emphasis is on high protein intake. It’s a shake for breakfast and one for lunch – – and then (you got it) a sensible meal for dinner. I was skeptical because I tried Slim Fast once upon a time, too – – and the shakes never made me feel satisfied and was alway hungry an hour after drinking them.

I went to a Herbalife ‘party’ and tried the shakes – and was surprised that they taste really good..not chalky…not gross…but really good. And because they are incredibly high in protein ( about 35 Grams per shake) – they made me feel full throughout the day. So, I caved in and bought the program package.

That was 32 lbs and 4 dress sizes ago. As of today, I’ve dropped another 4lbs (i weight myself once a week on Sundays) and am closing in on my target goal for weight loss. I’m thrilled about it. So much so that I decided to become a distributor of the product. My first 5 customers came without much effort at all – – they are 4 friends and one family member who started out by complimenting my weight loss. They noticed and, naturally, started asking questions as to what I was doing that’s so successful to me. I explained Herbalife and they were interested…so now 5 people in my life are starting to see results and they’re happy because of it, too.

I developed a website for it so that my customers here in my life could enjoy the ease of ordering the products on line – – instead of calling me and coming over to my house to pick up the products. Now they can order them from my website and have the products drop shipped to their house with no hassle. I haven’t advertised the website out on the web much – – aside from being listed on a few search engines.

The site is here, if any one is interested in seeing what I’m doing to take it off and keep it off. The program, plus some exercising I’ve been doing….not only am I dropping the weight…but, physically, I’ve never felt better. Not that I’m turning this into a diet blog – – because no one is really interested in my shrinking status, really – – but I feel pretty damn good about it. Not just about the weight loss – – but also because I’ve actually stuck to a program long enough to see the results.

It’s my feel good for the day…..week…month! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “As if I'm not busy enough?”

  1. Congrats, Lisa!!

    You are a real loser…er, winner…er, I mean you are a winner because you are a loser…

    OK, maybe I should just stick with Congrats, Lisa!!
    36 lbs and feeling better – can’t argue with success like that.

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