Happy Mother's Day


Just wanted to make a quick post to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day!! Give your mom a call and tell her that you love her and you’re thinking of her today. I sent my mom a beautiful bouquet of tulips and irises – her favorite two types of flowers. I got them from Pro Flowers – who always, always sends out the most beautiful, fresh and gorgeous flowers, if you’re ever in the market. And no, I don’t get anything for recommending them – – they’ve just always done a tremendous job for me each and every single time!

I’m busy today doing the MT to WP converstion to Bob’s (a.k.a. DB’s Medical Rants) site. The conversion went very smoothly. Then, I finished setting up my newest hosting client with WordPress and a brand, ‘spanking’, new template at LaFessee. I have a couple other new hosting clients that I need to set up today. Plus, still in the process of getting Fantastico up on the server. We’ve already got it loaded – but have not activated it yet, because I’m in the process of testing out each and every single script on it – just to make sure nothing is funky. I hate ‘funky’ when it comes to the webserver, ya know?

That’s my Mother’s Day, so far. Exciting life I lead, hey? Boring, I know. 😉

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