Glass of Wine and a Good Book


Memorial Day It’s a rare night that I call it a night early. Tonight is one of them. Usually, I work until all hours of the night/morning. Except, on occasion – I just feel the need to shut it down, pour a glass of wine and curl up in bed with a good book.

Tonight, I’m going to bed with Vince Flynn. Of course, if you ask him – he’ll flat out deny it! I love his books, though – – and have read every single one of them. Except, of course, the current one I”m reading called “Memorial Day” – – which I’ve just started to dig into. I have to get this one done soon, though – because his newest one called “Consent To Kill” comes out in October!

Gotta love Mitch Rapp!

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9 thoughts on “Glass of Wine and a Good Book”

  1. By some kind of amazing coincidence, I am reading that same book right now. I haven’t finished it, I have about another 150 pages to go, but it is really really good.

  2. My mom keeps telling me that I have to give him a try. I have a few of his books, but they’re part of a HUGE stack (okay, pile on and around 2 7 foot bookshelves) to read and they keep getting lost. I’m happy that I finally finished the excellent Secret Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines with the Elite Warriors of SOG last night, which was a great book. I could see plenty of parallels to Iraq, and John Plaster (who’s from our neck of the woods) keeps it moving very nicely. For now, I have to finally start Harry Potter #4!

  3. Hmm…I’ve been recommended his books, too. Maybe I’ll have to actually crack a book other than the Alan Baker Little Rabbit series or the seven thousand Scholastic books we own…I read to the kids more than I read to myself.
    And the wine…can’t forget the wine…

  4. Mitch Rapp pretty much owns everyone he tears people apart and vince flynn should keep spitting these books out as fast as he can

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