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Ten lame excuses you should never fall for from a guy:

  • Dinner at your mom and dads? Ok. But what will I tell the orphans? They’ll still be expecting story hour
  • I swear that wasn’t a fart. It’s just the way this damn leather chair sounds whenever I sit down
  • I was looking at her because I was thinking how much prettier you are
  • It was terrible! The aliens, they . . they said they wanted to observ human males at leisure and made me stay out until 4am . . drinking with the guys!
  • I’d love to help out, but I can’t. I once killed a man in a laundry accident
  • But don’t you se? My underpants and sweaty socks are protecting the floor from scratches!
  • About tonight . . I was going to take you someplace nice, but I thought you’d dig the low-key vibe of Dunkin’ Donuts
  • We can’t go on together . . . with suspicious minds
  • I know this sounds crazy, but I’m allergic to your third cousin, I guess I have to skip her co-ed wedding shower
  • Oh that was just my ex calling to say how glad she is that I’ve found someone who makes me so happy
  • Got more? 😉

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  1. Yea, Redfred – – all those guys from Tony Blair to Putin to Kerry, Kennedy, Clinton, Daschle and all the men in the UN. They all were lying to us for years, those bastards.

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