Flower Power


Went to the garden center today and spent way too much money. I’m not complaining – – I love to do it!

Came home and spent the rest of the afternoon digging around in the dirt – planting flowers from seed. We’ll see how it all turns out. Let’s see – – I planted Zinnias, Sweet Peas, HollyHocks, Marigolds, Daisys, Impatiens and SnapDragons. It should be very pretty by the time it all blooms.

I usually don’t grow from seed. I usually wait until around mid-June and head to the Garden Center and purchase a few flats of the already growing seedlings. Hey – can’t say I don’t like to take risks, right?

Bird Update: I spotted a bright red Cardinal in my backyard yesterday morning.

Now I’m off with C.’s digital camera to take some sexy pictures to email him while he is away on business. He comes home tomorrow night – – might as well give him a sneak peek at what’s waiting in store for him! Ciao!

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5 thoughts on “Flower Power”

  1. I couldn’t agree more!

    I love to play in the dirt and am shamefully neglecting my overwhelming need to unpack cardboard boxes and actually move into this house! I’ve been spending too much time in the yard with planting things and feeding birds.

    I really need to dig into those boxes and move in to this place one of these days. lol

  2. Class? We have class here? 😉

    Best I can do is a cropped version of one of the more…umm…’tame’…pics, Cam. Found here

    Sorry to dissapoint – – but I give you an A+ for your effort 😉

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