In Love


Ok – I’m in love with this girl.
Can I have one?

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2 thoughts on “In Love”

  1. You should see her live. I highly recommend catching one of their shows if you can–even if they are only the “opening” act. They played I think 6-8 songs at a local concert as the opening act, and they were phenomenal. Just like in the studio only better.

    Thank you for the link, btw. We differ on a lot of views (or so I have gathered from reading your site), but I think we have a lot in common, too. Funny how things work out like that. 🙂

  2. I would love to catch them live – – I’m going to be scouring the papers this summer to see if I can catch them anywhere.

    I was reading through your ‘100 Things’ and actually we have a fair amount in common except for those pesky politics 🙂 That and the Buffy the Vampyre Slayer thing – – not that I don’t like it, I just don’t watch a whole lot of television, really.

    If we can get past politics and Vampyres – we’ll be just fine. lol

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