We just watched the movie “Flatliners” this evening. I haven’t seen that movie in years and years – – but it’s a good flick. Four medical students start fooling around with death and find a way to be able to kill themselves while the others stand by and bring them back to life at the last second.

Problem is…their near death experience brings them nightmares of past regrets, mistakes and transgressions that have now come to life to haunt them. The only way they are able to make the nightmares go away is atonement.

Makes me wonder – – – if that were true and I applied it to my life…which one of my past sins/regrets would haunt me?

I was never mean to kids at my school when I was a kid – – I was generally the one the other kids were mean to. That is until I got into high school…when I grew into my tall frame, popped out a nice pair of ta-ta’s and grew my blonde hair long. Amazing what it takes for people to accept you, isn’t it? Too late, though – by then I was already cynical and jaded and refusing to be part of the ‘in’ crowd – – I just kind of did my own thing and didn’t ever really belong to any particular group or clique….I sort of just hung out on the edge of each of the different groups..not identifying with anyone.

Hmm…I have to think on this past transgression thing. Which would be the one to haunt me if I were a cast member in Flatliners?

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2 thoughts on “Flatliners”

  1. It’s funny.

    I have never seen the movie “Flatliners.” After reading this entry, it seems to be the best movie that I’ve never seen thus far.

    I’m curious if there’s ever been a time in your life that you might have considered promotion/marketing as a career… Or even hobby. Ok. So you weren’t THAT vivid… But I do now credit you for making me want to see that movie.

    I stumbled across your site after going to Google.com and looking up “What is an Atheist”, given.. I don’t like feeling ignorant.

    I clicked the first thing that looked like it could answer my questions…

    Anyway, I was looking at the “Godidiot” entries, and suddenly I decided it was time to look at everything else the site had to offer.

    So I see “Don_Sub.TxtJust A Girl In The World”.. And I click it.

    Now here I am… Reading your entries… So far… All 3 of them… And now… I STILL haven’t a clue what an Atheist is all about, and suddenly have the dying urge to watch “Flatliners.”

    So I ask you this…

    Is that irony? Or borderline coincidence?

    I’m favoring irony.

  2. Flatliners is a great flick – you should try to get your hands on a copy, if you can 🙂

    And no, never did consider marketing as a career – – as a matter of fact, I’ve spent my professional life avoiding PR and marketing as much as possible.

    Simply put, an Atheist is someone who doesn’t not believe in the existance of a god.

    Flatliners, the movie, is about a group of medical students who feel they are ‘playing god’.

    I’m certain there is irony to be found in there somewhere 😉

    Thanks for stopping by.

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