Dana Bana Fo Fana!


Note-It Posts Well if Dana isn’t the sweetest person a blogger could meet! She is – you should go read her and get to know her a little . . a great gal, she is. Even if she is the type of dork who would name a caterpillar ‘Penelope’ – – but she’s still rockin’ cool! Penelope is my mothers name. She hates it. Everyone calls her ‘Penny’ (well, except me – I call her ‘Mom’) – anyways, I grew up thinking that Penelope was just the oddest name because my mother made such a huge deal out of it. Of course, that didn’t stop us from teasing her about it, endlessly. Now I can make fun of Dana’s caterpillar.

Anyways – I digress (big time!). Dana has a new template over at “Note-It Posts”, after contacting me for our Short but Sweet package – which is fast becoming our most popular one! Funny thing with her site name – Note-It Posts – – I couldn’t seem to get the phrase “Post It Notes” out of my brain – – the first time I designed her site – – I used “Post It Notes” as the title. Old habits die really hard, it seems.

Put Dana on the list — she’s a keeper!

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5 thoughts on “Dana Bana Fo Fana!”

  1. It’s all there now, Michael. Just fixin’ some buggies in WP – ya know how that goes 🙂

    Hey – your site is in the works. Monday, Monday . . ! 😛

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