Late Sunday . . no sleep


It’s one of those nights again. Chris has to be at the airport at 7am – so he has to get up at 4:30. I’m staying up all night to make sure he gets up. We’ve been through this before.

So I’m up all night. Drinking coffee. Working. Surfing.

I went over and read his blog – – I keep forgetting that he has one! He has some great rants over there – – and when he rants . . the man is just all out. He’s ranting about Spoiled Rotten Kids Taking Control. Hell, forget kids – – I’ve run into a coupla spoiled rotten adults who never grew up! But that’s besides the point. He’s also drolling over toons. He’s a tits and ass man, hard to tell, ain’t it?

Got hired to do some magazine print work this week. I’m thrilled about it, too. I love to do websites and templates – but I cherish the times I get hired for print work – – it’s a pleasant departure and keeps the cobwebs outta my head! (not that there are cobwebs in there….. ok – there are a few).

Someone please remind me to register my car this week, ok? I gotta.

Have a great Monday!

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