Counting down!


I came home today and found a big box at my door step.

The delivery of my order from Victoria’s Secret came today. I spent way too much money and a lot of ‘little’ things . . . and Chris comes home from his two-week business trip this Friday. So the weekend should be fun and I’m sure you won’t be seeing me around here much, if at all. I’m sure I’ll be……tied up.

Two weeks is a long time for an over-sexed girl. I’m dyin’ over here!

Odd things I saw today that made me wish I carried a camera so I could share them with you:

A father changing his kids diaper. Not too odd, really – – except the father was bending over into the trunk of his car where he laid the kid out to change it’s diaper in the parking lot of Schlotztski’s Deli.

A beauoooooooooootiful, gorgeous, flaming, bright red Lamborghini on the highway. I was way behind it…then I was right behind it….then I passed it because the guy was driving that gorgeous sports car at about 45 mph on the highway, in a 65 zone. I woulda been flooring that baby for as long as I could get away with it.

Two billboards for 106.1 – “America’s Choice for Country Favorites”. Not an odd sight around Wisconsin – – but these billboards were about two blocks from each other between 4th and 8th Street and Hampton Street in Milwaukee. Anyone familiar with that area would think it was odd, too, to have a country radio station advertised so aggressively. *shrug* I thought it was odd.

That’s all.

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7 thoughts on “Counting down!”

  1. Coool gurly thangs! Well you’ll be having fun – lol.

    Oh I have said this before but thank you so much for the help on my blog – no spam! And I must say again how much I love this blog lay out you have.

  2. Lori – girlie things are a MUST have! 🙂

    You’re welcome for the help with your blog – spammers suck, I can’t say it enough!

    You like this layout? Hmm….I was just thinking of changing it again. LOL


  3. I just got their new catalog…Hubster always likes to peruse it…pointing out things he thinks are ‘interesting’ or ‘fun’…too late for his birthday…hmmm maybe I’ll get something fun for our trip.

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