Java, Sweet N' Hot


I have the entire day off work today. The kids are in school and Chris, of course, is on his business trip. It’s just me and the cats today.

Turned off the television and opened the windows, letting a cool 50 degree breeze waft through the room. I’m sitting on my bed, lazing here with my lap top – the music of Norah Jones playing from the stereo in the other room.

Just me, my cats, Norah Jones and my laptop.

Oh – and my mug. My cozy little mug filled to the rim with glorious coffee! Half a mug of warm milk with the other half filled with sweet espresso – – caramel brown in color – – rich and satisfying in taste.

True medicine for this nurse’s soul. How funny that I can be so soothed by a mug of the java stuff. The entire process, from start to finish, is a religious experience for this atheist.

Grinding the bean — the whirr of the blades as the aroma of the pulverized beans fill the room. The flow of the blast of hot water as it turns the grounds into a caramel brown, smooth concoction of my dreams.

Swirl it into the warmed milk – making swirly designs as the smooth brown espresso paints pictures into the pure white dairy.

Sit back in the quiet….close your eyes and take a small sip. Delay the swallow and savor the beauty of it. Tip of the tongue retrieving the last vestiges of the traces of this brown beauty off the lips. Lean back, relax and feel it’s smooth descent on it’s way to soothing the savage beast inside.

Oh how do I love the java stuff!

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  1. UG took the words out of my mouth. I have never been a coffee drinker. Sounds like you had a great day and I do wish I had your cooler weather right now.

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