Last ski season, I had a talk with the senior Ski Patrol at the hill we frequent. Because I’m an RN and know how to ski pretty well, he talked with me about joining the National Ski Patrol. It sounded really good, at the time.

I just received an email from them with the course syllabus – which looks like basic outdoor emergency care/first aid. The certification course runs every Thursday from July 8 – Nov 4 with a long final exam on the following Saturday. The Thursday night courses are from 6:30pm – 10pm.

Busy as I am with my usual day work and my web hosting/graphic design business and raising two teenagers – I have to wonder if I’ve gone crazy to commit myself to 2 months of courses to obtain a certification that allows me to be a volunteer. Not too mention that the course fees for those two months are about $800, in total. I’m a nut – but I’m going to do it anyways.

There are a few benefits to being a member of the National Ski Patrol. National Ski Patrol education programs offer you the chance to learn about emergency care, search and rescue, avalanche control, lift evacuation, and mountaineering. Not that there is much call for avalanche control or mountaineering here in Wisconsin – but you never know! I’ll be able to put my medical and skiing skills together with my motivation to help people into one enjoyable activity. Plus – and this is what the family is looking forward too – – after completing the course and working as a volunteer at the local ski area….we get a free family season pass. That is a huge bonus since we ski almost every weekend in the winter – – and sometimes a few times during the week, depending on what’s going on here.

So, there. I committed myself to classes every Thursday for two months. How disruptive can it be, really?


3 thoughts on “Commitment-phobe”

  1. It sounds just perfect for you Lisa and such a neat family activity:smile: Now Let me see a long lost sister might be coming for a visit….I can see it in the works now….

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