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Cao's Blog It’s Cao’s Three Month Blogiversary, and she wanted to celebrate by treating herself to some skins! So far, we’ve got one up – – she provided some great images to work with! One down, Cao – – one to go! Oh, and ya better check her out real quick – it looks like she’s serving up brewskies over there!

Update on my pain in the neck – I bought come Thera-Gesic cream at the drugstore . . . and that stuff beats BenGay HANDS DOWN. I have actual mobility in my neck now! Yahoo!

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  1. Wow you’re talented, Lisa–I had no idea how well those images would fit together…you sure have the artist’s eye. Thanks, what a nice way to end a Friday..a new dress!

  2. Theragesic is a medicated rub – kind of like BenGay, but not quite as offensive with odor. It has an odor, but it’s more of a pleasant wintergreen scent, rather than that offensive menthol of Ben Gay.

    I’ve been using it for my neck and shoulder over the past few days – I did something, not sure what – but it. is. painful.

  3. I saw you say somewhere that you need a massage. I get them but not often enough! Full body. WOW…even just a neck massage is heavenly…but if you have a serious crook in your neck, a massage isn’t as pleasant as it could be–hope it gets better. Maybe you need to take a break from you desk and do ergonomic exercises.

  4. Ummm, Lisa call me scrooge but it is too damn early to put up the Chirstmas decorations – even on a Blog. Isn’t there some socialite rule that you have to wait until AFTER thanksgiving for the festive merriment to begin?
    Bah Humbug.

  5. TH – you’re just upset that my blue girl isn’t the default skin anymore. Pout all you want – i LOVE xmas and will celebrate it when I wanna! :p

    Besides – I’m not a socialite. 😀

  6. Vickie – you simply have awesome talent in other areas . . like writing! If I could write half as well . . I’d be thrilled 🙂 Thank you, sweetie.

    And my neck is almost 100% better after a lot of TLC this week! 🙂

  7. That cream is the best!!!! I got it for My knee and discovered how hot it gets, and now I tend to torture guys with it by making them put it on their naughty parts, oh OHHH the reaction I get!!! BTW I like your site temp very sharp and clean

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