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No, really – regular blogging will resume this week. But for now . . .

Cao's Blog I finished up Cao’s project over at Cao’s Blog with a skin called “Ours to Fight For” – she provided some great Norman Rockwell imagery for the skin and gave some nice ideas to get me going with it. Now Cao’s 3 month Blogiversary present to herself is complete!

Next up . . .

My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Beth, over at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is a recent BlogSpot convert. After taking advantage of our Out Damn Spot special – she decided that using her old Blogger template on her brand new, shiny WordPress blog was really just a drag! So, she contacted me for our Xmas Special and tonight was skinned with her first one! She provided a great image from Shano Studio – – gave me the design specs of what she wanted – – and that girl is skinned. More for her tomorrow . . .


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  1. You are really something, Lisa, it turned out more beautiful than I was imagining! How do you do it? Thanks so much, your creativity is amazing and it’s so great to see the new designs you’re cranking out–!

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