Just some random blog stuff for you:

  • Blogads is a nice way to make a little revenue off your blog. If you have a high traffic blog, that is – advertisers are generally interested in you if your traffic and readership are high. I use Blogads over at Right Voices and do moderately well. Some months are slow, other months aren’t.

    These days – bloggers can have BlogAds on their site if they are a member of Blogads. If you are not a member, you need an invitation from a blogger who is a memeber, and who has invites to give away. We have 4 BlogAds invitations 3 BlogAd Invitations ready to give away to the right sites. We’re giving them away right over here – so, if you’re interested – go read the details.

  • I installed a great plugin with the new design this week. It’s a plugin that I found over by Leanne and it’s really cool. It’s called CA-Credits and it puts that little statement at the bottom of my post that says “Look Who Is Talking:…” and lists out the commenters for that post, along with a link to their site. Kind of a nice way to give thanks for dropping by and joining in the discussion!
  • Automattic announces WordPress Widgets The Automattic Widgets are a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to customize your sidebar. It’s pretty coll really – however it only works with select themes. It had been developed for but they’ve released into the general WordPress community.
  • This little app: Color Cop Setup version 5.3, self-installing package. is a GREAT thing for colorblind designers like me! Or, for non-colorblind designers – – it’s an equal opportunity app. It lets you have a color eyedropper in your quick launch bar so you can grab colors from any application screen you are looking at. Cool!

That’s all for now.

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