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Over at Blogs About Hosting – we have a support forum that offers support for our hosted clients. It’s kind of an area where we give information on updates, server information, new additions, FAQ and the like.

We have a few members – – I use it mostly to refer clients to for answers to FAQ, and what not. I’m still building it — as the questions roll in my email, I keep track of them and try to update that forum with information and ideas.

We’d also intend for it to be open for people who don’t host with us, as well – – as kind of a blogging community, of sorts. An area where you can share blogging ideas, WordPress/MT (and other blog program software) tips and tricks, design ideas – – linkage and, of course, an area to showcase your own blog. It would be kind of neat to have a little community of us little bloggers where we can chat and keep up with what’s new and fun.

Can’t do it by myself, though – – so feel free to click on over and join and start the discussion, if you wanna. I’m in the process of re-designing the forum – – so pardon the dust 🙂

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