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We now have a way to bring our hosting community closer together! We’re introducing Blogs About Buddies!

You are a Blogs About Buddy if . . .

  • Your blog is hosted with Blogs About!
  • You’re taking advantage of the best blog hosting deal on the most reliable servers available around the blogosphere!
  • You are part of the Blogs About community by hosting with us!
  • You are an intelligent blogger because you know exactly where to go to get the most reliable service at affordable prices with an experienced hosting group that provides excellent customer service and support!

If you aren’t a Blogs About Buddy – why not? Click here to find out how you, too, can take advantage of the excellent services available for your blogging needs.

Are you a Blogs About Buddy?? Well then . . .

You can place the blog roll on your site which will link together all of the other superior bloggers who have made the same decisions in hosting, services, and quality platforms as YOU!

Plus, the more of us who do it – – the more exposure we all have on each other sites – – the more it increases and improves our stats!

Get the Blogs About Buddies blogroll – Just cut and paste the text into you blog code and you’re ALL SET!

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