Bad ski instructor – – bad, bad


The ski instructor from hell

An Aspen Times columnist has been fired from her job as a snowboard instructor at Snowmass after mocking her students and their parents in a recent column.

In her Jan. 1 column, Alison Berkley described one student as a ”fat retarded kid” and ”whale boy,” and said students’ ”ultrawealthy” parents ”think I’m a miracle worker because their brain-dead kid actually got excited about something besides video games for the first time since the day she turned 13.”

Later in the column, the 33-year-old Berkley wrote: ”The real reward comes at the end of the day when the kid from hell has a really hot dad who loves me because his little monster actually likes snowboard school. … He has no idea it’s the sport that his kid loves, or even being outside all day surrounded by mountains so beautiful that even a comatose eighth-grader can appreciate them.”

On that note – – we’re off for the night – – going skiing! I’ll try to be nice to the ski patrol. I’ll be doing a few runs for Jack and Lawren, btw!!

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