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I just want to know.

Does anyone ever respond to those emails that threaten the suspension of your PayPal or Ebay account if you don’t login immediately, using the link they provide in the email?

I get so many of those in my spam filtered email — just makes me curious if these people are ever really successful in their endeavors?

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  1. My college aged sister in law (who should know better) just fell for that one about a month and a half ago. She ended up calling my wife at work a week later to ask her what to do about having her identity stolen.

    This same sister in law this weekend told me that she wasn’t going to update her virus software. To quote, “I don’t fall for that virus stuff, so why should I bother?”

  2. What always amuses me is that they come to an email account that I don’t even use for Ebay or Paypal. They’ve never actually gotten hold of the one I really use.

  3. We used to do it for email passwords etc and believe me about 10% always reply.
    Saying that i’ve not seen any of the ebay or paypal ones – financial stuff is such a ‘no-no’.
    I’m reformed these days lol

  4. My response to those depends on my mood. If it annoys me a little, I go ahead and forward them to the spoof@ addresses. If it annoys me a lot, I delete them and cuss, and if they really pi&& me off I go to “their” pages and fill in all kinds of bogus crap that’s just to harsh to type here. They do see it, right? When you hit submit? I hope so. 😆

  5. As far as I know, a high percentage of users who receive it for the first time respond (usually not tech savvy people).

    The email “seems” to come from ebay, it has all the right logos and language. An average user who is not even aware to the fact that emails can be spoofed will never think that something is out of the ordinary.

  6. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I almost fell for a PayPal scam over the weekend. Luckily, I looked at the url in the browser and I saw it was bogus. Whew! Consequently, every link including one to the Better Business Bureau was bogus.

  7. If people didn’t respond they wouldn’t do it…… now I was recently the Nigerian finance minister and before I was thrown in jail I embezzled $45M……

  8. I used to just send to the spoof address, now, I’ve started responding with nasty e-mail back or clicking the link and creating a whole new identity.

  9. Unfortunately, there are a lot of folks out there that don’t know any better. I have to admit, the first time I got one from my bank, I clicked on the link and looked around. Eventually I learned the simple, rule to prevent falling for it… Just don’t click on a link in any email. If you think it’s really from PayPal, eBay etc., simply go to the site by typing in the url and check for announcements.
    “The Idiot in Charge”

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