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Trying to shoo a fly off your monitor with your mouse pointer doesn’t work.

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  1. reminds me of a story…. Are you sitting comfortably? good then I shall begin.

    I was sitting at my desktop when I noticed I have a cool new Icon, a small black and white stripy spider icon. I cursed my kids for downloading crap off the internet again, but curiosity got the better of me and so I click on it… :???:nothing…. Hmmmmm I try a double click,:roll: still nothing…. Right click… I just got the desktop shortcut menu,:evil: I was just about to scream at the kids when the damn thing moved 😯 I let out a few choice words as I jumped accross the room… I do so much hate spiders

  2. I can’t believe someone else has tried this. I will come out of the closet now and admit that I, too, have tried to shoo a fly off of my monitor with the mouse pointer.

  3. It might work if the rest of the room is dark, your screen has white or light colors displaying, and you move the mouse really fast. Not that I have tried it before! 😛

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