A Day Like Any Other


I woke up this morning with the most painful neck in the entire world. Are there any massage therapists out there? Will work for a massage! Seriouslly, it’s painful. I think I slept on it wrong… Chris thinks I need to sit at my desk properly.


Is anything I do proper?? mmmm….I didn’t think so!

The work load has been nuts – and I have been spending quite a lot of time sitting at my desk, working. Maybe have carpal tunnel of the neck from holding it in one position for too long?

I think I’m gonna schedule a massage for next week. Ever treat yourself to one? You SO should!

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19 thoughts on “A Day Like Any Other”

  1. just surfed in again via BE… can totally sympathize with the neck pain. i get that occassionally – what really helps me is an ice pack (i know, shudder to even think about it) on the affected area for a few minutes then, off for a few minutes, then on again… or you can always fake a note from your parents…. 🙂 feel better!

  2. Funny you should mention this. I woke up this morning with a very sore and stiff neck too! Which I hardly ever do. WEIRD. Maybe I’m having sympathy pains for one of my favorite blog hostess! LOL

  3. 😆 just something I say to my kids when they complain about something hurting…. came from a comedy skit from way way back.

    Sorry about your neck Lisa, want me to hack it off with a saw?

  4. RedFred, I think you have latent violent tendencies. I said latent, not latex.

    Poor Lisa … sorry about your neck problem. If you dump hot coffee in your lap it might distract from your neck … just a thought.

  5. Sorry about your neck, Lisa and hope by now it is much better and yes please treat yourself to that massage next week. If there is anyone who deserves it that will be YOU!

  6. I know what you mean, Cao. I really enjoy RedFred’s bantering, too. He’s so smart, funny and clever. I can keep going …

    (Did your head pop yet?? Or will you be trapped in your office for d-a-y-s now??) Heh heh heh!!

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