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He Sez, She Sez I did some work for Robert about a month, or two ago for the course on PR/Journalism that he teaches at Auburn University. He came back with a very interesting and creative request for a blog that will let his students the shared views of men and women in the workforce via blog. From his own words:

I believe that students can benefit from views shared by both men and women in the workforce. The topics we will choose to cover may reveal some interesting insights. Who knows?

The goal?

I want to create a site which will provide insight from professionals for college students (or any students) about how to prepare for the ‘real world’ while still in school.

Don’t let the name of the blog decieve you.

We aren’t looking for conflict. This isn’t the old ‘60 Minutes’ Point-Counterpoint. Nor, is it Dan Akroyd’s parody of “Jane, you ignorant slut!” from Saturday Night Live’s early days. We are looking for friendly and interesting insights from people that are already in the work world.

The idea is to have a man and a woman comment on the same topic. Their posts will appear side by side.

This should be a fun one to watch! Thank you, Robert – it was a pleasure . . . turds and all! 😉

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  1. LOL … Yep, I’m never going to live that one down. 😀 And, I won’t bother trying to explain what the last line above means. Let’s just say it is ‘graphically’ goofy. 😳

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