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A few months back, I was having a talk with my editor at Wiley Publishing, Amy Fandrei – mostly talking about what it would take for me to finish up writing the 3rd Edition of WordPress For Dummies and what was happening with the 3.0 development of WordPress, etc. That lead us into a talk about some more advanced topics surrounding WordPress – – more advanced than what my Dummies book covers. Let’s face it – a For Dummies book is meant to be for beginners and intermediate users, right? But what about a book that covers the WHOLE gammut? A reference book that is useful for a wide variety of users – -so that beginners can start with it, and as they continue to grow – can continue to use the resource to step into areas of WordPress that they may never have tried before.


WordPress For Dummies 3rd Edition available

WordPress For Dummies, 3rd Edition by Lisa Sabin-Wilson (Wiley Pub.) is now available on Amazon.com for pre-order. This edition of the book was, almost, completely re-written and covers all the basics about the WordPress platform – including all the great new features that version 3.0 brings to its users, including how to set up and use the new Multi Site features so you can run more than one blog or web site on ONE installation of the WordPress software, how to use the custom menu feature to build and create your own custom navigation menus, a comprehensive look at the NEW default WordPress theme called Twenty Ten, using custom post types to create new ways to present different types of content – – as well as the rest of the information you’ve come to expect from WordPress For Dummies

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.

Alice In Wonderland


My Free BuddyPress Webinar at WebDesign.Com

I’m excited to announce that I am doing a free webinar presentation for my good friends at WebDesign.com on June 23rd at 1pm CST (Central Standard Time). The webinar is on the topic of using BuddyPress to create an online community on your WordPress powered site. I speak on the topic of BuddyPress often, as a matter of fact, I just finished up a presentation at the WordCamp in Raleigh, North Carolina this past weekend and it’s great to see how excited people are about BuddyPress. It also amazes me how many people do not yet know what BuddyPress is – or how they can use it to add that layer of social networking to their WordPress site!

I had the opportunity to share experiences with the iThemes community in Oklahoma City in March, 2010

Builder Bootcamp, PluginBuddy and my iThemes experience

I had a really great time at iThemes Builder Bootcamp weekend in Oklahoma and want to send out a big thanks to Cory Miller, Jen Miller and the rest of the iThemes team for inviting me down to their event. There were roughly 70-75 people in attendence, all of them passionate WordPress users, and all of them part of the iThemes community. Many were from the Oklahoma City general area – but there were a handful that flew in hundreds of miles away to spend the weekend with the iThemes crew to learn more about WordPress and how they can use the iThemes offerings to build their web sites with WordPress. Great stuff!


iThemes Builder Bootcamp April 23-24th

Oklahoma City, anyone? I’ve never been there before – but I will be this month to join the fabulous team from iThemes for their Builder BootCamp. iThemes creates premium WordPress themes, plugins and they host ‘BootCamps’ for their clients, and anyone else who wants to learn about how they can use the iThemes Builder WordPress theme framework to make awesome web sites.


We Heart Geeks

South By SouthWest Interactive Conference, Austin, TX – March 2010 (ServerBeach Geek Party)

F5Expo Vancouver

WordPress, BuddyPress and Social Media at F5Expo

It has been a LONG LONG time since I have been to Vancouver. I visited once and climbed all the way to the top of Grouse Mountain and had a blast! When the organizers of the F5Expo event contacted me to see if I had any interest in speaking and participating in their conference, I jumped at the chance to visit Vancouver again. Despite the fact that it is an incredible distance away from Wisconsin – I couldn’t bring myself to say no.

I am doing several things at the F5Expo – it’s really exciting! The event is on April 7th 2010 and is being held at the Vancouver Convention Center.

Amazon.com Interview with Wiley Publishing

While at SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX – the folks from Wiley Publishing caught up with me and did a short video interview for Amazon.com on my books, WordPress For Dummies and BuddyPress For Dummies.

Interview with WebDesign.Com

While at SXSW 2010 in Austin, I spent some time with Cory Miller of WebDesign.Com and iThemes.com, who interviewed me about WordPress, my books and design work.


See You in Austin for SXSW Interactive 2010!

I am leaving for Austin for the SXSW Interactive Conference exactly one week from today! I am flying out of Milwaukee on March 11th and am staying in Austin through March 15th. For clients of mine – I will be mainly out of the office during those dates – but will be checking email and, of course, progress on various ongoing projects that are in my current and active queue. Should you need to get in touch with me directly during those dates, please send us an e-mail and my assistant, Lindsey, will be happy to assist you – – or grab my attention in Austin if it is urgent.

Think Tank Live Search Marketing and Social Media Summit

Speaking at Think Tank Live! in Milwaukee

I am happy to announce that I am speaking at the Think Tank Live Search Marketing and Social Media Summit scheduled for February 23, 2010 in Milwaukee, WI. I will be presenting on the topic of building a niche community web site utilizing the free and dynamic software combination of WordPress and BuddyPress and how business, and individuals, can leverage the features and components to build a fully functional social community on your own web site. Exciting stuff!


My name is Lisa and I love Brett Favre. There. I said it.

Going in to this weekend, I found myself planning my schedule of things to do around the game on Sunday afternoon at 5:40pm between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints. How did I get to this place where I was scheduling everything around a football game? It’s been a long journey as citizen of […]


Renewing my Wisconsin Nursing License – 2010

2 years ago, I wrote about the decision facing me in February 2008 on renewing my Wisconsin Registered Nurse license.  It’s now 2010 and the decision faces me yet again, as it does every two years.  Since leaving nursing in 2004, I’ve always made the choice to keep up my licensure – because you just […]


A Very Bose Christmas

My ears lost their innocence in 1990. I used to be a person who was just happy listening to music on whatever medium was available – – the car radio, my home stereo system, the loudspeakers at the mall – it didn’t really matter to me.  Although, I am a musician – and a classically […]


Want to go to WordCamp NYC?? It's on me!

With WordCamp NYC coming up next weekend – I’m catching that whole WordCamp spirit again.  I have to say that I truly enjoy attending WordCamp and wish more WP users would attend, if they could.  It’s really a great deal of fun just meeting, talking and sharing with other people within the user community – […]


WordCamp NYC, BuddyPress & Me!

I’m really excited about the opportunity to speak at WordCamp NYC – At 9:15 am Saturday morning – November 14 – I will take the stage and talk about growing communities with BuddyPress. This presentation will take a look at the features BuddyPress currently offers to help you grow your own community on your web site, including some tips and tricks I’ve come across along the way to help de-mystify the BuddyPress themes and templates to help you on your way to customizing your own BuddyPress community site.


Out From Under . .

Seriously, I haven’t updated this site since JULY – almost 4 months ago. I’m surprised I still have subscribers and that you are still here reading this .. but thank you for sticking around! So much as been going on since I last updated here, I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe if I just blank out the last 4 months and start over and pretend like some of this stuff never happened…would you still love me in the morning?


It's Official – BuddyPress For Dummies

The Amazon.com placeholder makes it official, I guess!  I haven’t officially announced it yet – so I guess now is as good a time as any!  I know I’ve been a little book title neurotic over here, having announced my intention to write TypePad For Dummies just a few months ago – but as with […]


Keeping my focus on WordPress

Back in mid-May, I made an announcement here about a new book that I was contracted to write for Wiley Publishing, TypePad For Dummies.    I’m still very active in my WordPress For Dummies project, as a matter of fact, I just updated the book recently for a reprint and a 3rd edition of WordPress For […]

WordPress 2.8 Goodness

I’ve been using 2.8 beta since it’s release and upgraded this evening to 2.8 (Baker) this evening and nothing broke – that is always a bonus! Loving the upgrades to the WordPress platform and how everything is pretty much automated for users – – now not only can you upgrade your WordPress installation directly from […]

WordCamp Chicago – A sold out event

WordCamp Chicago 2009This time next week, I’ll be making my way down to Chicago to attend WordCamp Chicago. As of last week, it is a sold out event topping out at a total of 200 attendees. I’m jazzed about it and really looking forward to meeting everyone and listening to the great line up of speakers we have lined up:

Working it out

The following content is re-posted, in full, from a post I did on this blog 4 years ago. Lots has changed in 4 years – – even more has changed in the past 3 months. Anger, betrayal, hurt…those are all strong, real, but fleeting emotions. Love stays…and that never changes….

TypePad For Dummies, I'm doing it.

I couldn’t believe it when I stopped and paid notice to the fact that I have not updated my blog here since my return from SXSW. What a sorry, sorry blogger I am! Short story, I’ve been ultimately too chaotically busy with design projects, organizing WordCamp Chicago and some family matters that shall remain unmentioned – let’s just say … kids – I liked them better when they were cute and cuddly and weren’t old enough to drive a car! ‘Nuff said? I think so…

So much coolness all in one place – SXSW 2009

Charnell Pugsley from ServerBeach, and myself getting things rollin at SXSW 2009

I cannot begin to tell you how great SXSW was this year – it keeps getting better each year I go. That is probably because of the fact that I meet new people every year, and get the opportunity to see old friends, as well. This year was no different….