Yea, baby


It’s been a full week since I quit my day job. I slept in this morning and I feel so guilty about it! I’m sure I’ll get over those guilt feelings – – but after a lifetime of working long hours, starting way too early in the mornings – so this transition will take some getting used to. I’m sure I’ll manage, though.

Good thing I quit – – I think I’d be pulling out my hair right about now if I were still responsible for those 8 hours a day to my old employer. I put it a good, solid 18 hours yesterday – – which normally I would scream, kick and bitch about, however – since I’m working for myself, I was happy to do it.

Speaking of work – – Jim over at Thinking Right has a new look on his blog courtesy of E.Webscapes. I love to give my clients the linkage they deserve – – so go on over and give him a read, say hello – – tell him I sent you!

7 thoughts on “Yea, baby”

  1. Gotta love a blog titled “Thinking Right” – – definitely a place for me to hangout.

    Being this looks like a Lisa design I’d say you aren’t a nose picker 😉

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