Weird Weather


Just went through the shortest tornado warning in my history of them. Storms are a’brewin’ here and it looked as if they were going to get pretty nasty. This is the storms from the south midwest of the country (Oklahoma, Missouri, etc) and I think the weather guys were worked up into a frenzy and called this one prematurely – – I can’t blame them, though. Better to be safe than sorry.

As soon as the weather bells rang and the TV went nuts with the actual tornado warning – – I hearded myself and the kids downstairs. We got all cozy on my bed, we had our candles and flipped on the Weather Channel just in time to see that the Tornado Warning had been cancelled – the storm wasn’t as strong as they thought it was, originally. I’m thankful for that.

After living through one of the state’s largest, most devestating tornados in 1981 – I can go my whole life through without ever going through that again.

Time for me to shut this machine down and head off to bed – – where hopefully I won’t meet any munchkins or the Wicked Witch of the West in my dreams.

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