Three Years Later..


When Chris first moved here back in June 2003 – he packed up all his stuff into a HUGE U-Haul truck and drove all the way from LA to Wisconsin. Behind the U-Haul truck, he towed his baby.

A 1969 Mustang Convertible.

Someday, she would be a beaut! At the moment, however – – he rolled her off the trailer and right into the garage – – piled her high with all of the various parts and pieces that he had purchased for her, as he intended on doing the restoration himself.

That was June 2003.

Yesterday, his baby was picked up – parts and all. We found a retired guy who lives in northern Wisconsin who lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and shits classic Mustangs (ok – not literally, but ya know what I mean.)

This guy has the car until April of 2006 – – when he will return her back into our possession, completely and fully rebuilt, restored, repainted – – complete and total face lift – ready to drive!

The original color was some kind of puke green, painted over at some point with some kind of orange-red color. At first we decided that a 1969 convertible NEEDED to be cherry red, right?

Then, when searching the net for some local Mustang restoration folks – – we found that almost every 1969 Mustang convertible out there is cherry red. Not to be like anyone else – Chris then decided on a very cool electric, metallic blue with black leather interior and a black top. (right now, it’s faded orange-red with white interior that has red stripes).

Chris really wanted to do the restoration himself – – at least the engine/transmission part of it.. and then send it out for body work. But time got away…, life, etc, etc – and we got to talking about that car just sitting in the garage… abandoned. So, I asked – “What is it that you’re really excited about with that car? Doing the restoration yourself? Or driving it when it’s all done”

He answers, “The restoration would be nice – – but if I waited until I had time – I’ll be 70 before I can actually drive her – and I wanna drive her!”

So that settled that — we looked and found the perfect guy to do it. Now we just have to wait 6 months! But, if we hadn’t have sent her out – – in 6 months, she still woulda been sitting in the garage piled high with boxes full of her parts.

Can’t wait to see her when she’s done, though!

10 thoughts on “Three Years Later..”

  1. The blue is a great color. We had a friend who resotred his (I think it was a 67 1/2 Mustang, though…maybe) and his was that color. Can’t wait to see the pics! That six months is going to fly by…

  2. my friend has a beautifully restored british racing green TR3 Triumph… It is the driving, not the restoring that is all the fun, you are so right…
    (course i had to show him how to change the spark plugs…)

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