Self Loving



Not that kind of self-loving, you pervert!

The kind of self loving that you do when you brag about some feel good stuff that happens.

Like – Kate, over at Electric Venom, chose one of my blog skins as a secondary skin for her blog. A few weeks ago, she posted that she was in need of a new look and asked around for new skins with an offer of free advertising on her blog for the skins she chose. Tonight, she chose the one I submitted to her and in return, she gave the advertisement that she promised. Thanks, muchly Kate!

I’ve already received one paying job offer as a result of her Venemous offerings!

Then . . . later – – Daryl pinged me with a trackback saying that my Blogging Idol post from earlier in the week made D’s Honorable Mentions – out of 70 possible postings. And he even called my post intellectual – – not bad for a blonde girl in the world. Thanks, D!

Among other honorable mentions were: Hamo and Lori and Matt and Luke and Stuffwars and LobbyLu and Moodstruck and Lanie. Great posts, all of them – – have a read and a smile!

That’s it for the self love for tonight. Of course, the night is still young — if you rub me the right way, there could be more. After a day like today – I need a little self luvins’.

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11 thoughts on “Self Loving”

  1. Well, color ME red-faced.

    I didn’t realize you are THAT Lisa.

    I have visited Elegant Webscapes many, many times.

    Thank you SO much for all your help.

    Allow me to say: Long! Live! Lisa!


  2. Margi – Surprise! lol

    No need for the red face – many people have the same reaction that they didn’t know I was the same Lisa as THAT Lisa. lol

    Thanks for the warm fuzzies – – now I have a blog to code for you, I need to leave my own blog alone! lol

  3. Way to go!

    And by the way, if you’re looking for more money making ideas… I’d be willing to pay for some more smiley face pictures. 🙂

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