Random, flighty little things


These precious things…. getting back in touch with my Tori Amos collection! I’ll run naked through the stree t without my mask on. Hand me my leather.

While simulaneously painting my toe nails. Talented, no? I picked up some of the Maybelline Wet Shine – thanks for the tip from UG – – even though you told me it was Revlon – – I troubleshooted fabulously and found it in the Maybelline section. I couldn’t remember the color number, though – – so I got #WV188 and # WV317 – – am I even close?

At the same time talking to Chris online – – he comes home for the weekend tomorrow! Then he’s off again for a week in California. I think he said something about being home for an entire week starting Aug. 21st. Maybe that was just the voices in my head speaking to me?

Made a trip to Walgreen’s earlier (hence the nail polish) on a hunt for an acne treatment/recommendation, for my son, made by Vinny. He’s such a sweetheart – – while I was out picking up the potion…I had given Ben Vinny’s MSN login – – so the two of them chatted about zits and bikes. The last message I saw from Vinny was: “Your son is mad cool”. Ditto, Vin!

When I got my hair cut last time, Chris was out of town. He wanted me to send him a picture of it. So I took a bunch of them – – picked one that didn’t make me look like a monkey and sent it. But I cropped it down first — see, I had been dressed in my bikini top and shorts, and because I also published that picture on this blog – I didn’t want to be accused of posting cleavage for links, right? Aside from the fact that it was obnoxious as hell lol Well, Chris got ahold of the camera which still held the memory card with the uncropped picture. That picture is now the desktop background on his computer. Oy, men.

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