Panic Sets In


Now that everything from this past week is resolved, for the most part – – I’m feeling a little panic set in because for the past week I have been putting off things that I know need to be done before C. arrives on Friday. EEP!!

I know I know he will tell me not to worry about them. He’s unconcerned about the status of my laundry room – or the little stain on the carpet in the living room, etc. But I get funny about those things. I guess I feel that if I can get a whole lot of cleaning and organizing done before he gets here – then while he is here, there is little I’ll have to do to maintain it all.

Wishful thinking, hey? lol

Add to all of that, xmas shopping, holiday baking and the usual decorating that I do every year and kiki needs a week off work! lol

As much as he tells me not to worry about it – I still do anyways. And it’s sweet of him to tell me not to – and I wish I could just blow off some of this stuff, but I can’t – so I won’t. I know he hates to hear that I’ve stressed myself out over it all – – but it’s a fun kind of stress because it means that he’ll be here shortly – and that is always a good thing! 🙂

I have a graphics project to work on. Actually, two of them. I had told S, that I wasn’t going to take on any new projects anymore this year – – that if I got any projects, I’d refer them over to her to be done. And it isn’t as though I didn’t try to do just that. Because, really – I’m not interested in taking on any new clients right now – at least until after my trip to Lake Tahoe in February. After that, I’ll take on a new client or two – but I’m just too busy to put the time and effort in that’s needed right now. But this client was insistent that the project be done by me and was actually willing to hike up the price a bit more so that I wouldn’t refer it out. That was extremely flattering to me, so how could I deny it? Luckily enough – the client is patient and is willing to wait until after the 1st of the year. I told her that I would take in all her ideas and do some concept development with her over the next few weeks – but would not be able to begin designing anything until after Jan. 6th, when C. leaves. I’ll have three weeks in between his departure and my arrival in Los Angeles for our trip to Lake Tahoe. That’s when I’ll proceed with the designing and the completion of the site. So that’s all cool.

My Dad is coming over today to help me hang xmas lights on the house. The last time I tried to do that myself, I almost fell off the roof. Not a good idea to become a paraplegic all in the name of holiday decorations, huh? He has this great thing called a ladder that I think is just amazing. lol I should get myself one of them things.

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