Never. Forget.

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6 thoughts on “Never. Forget.”

  1. Hard to forget .. i was just getting into work when the first plane hit the tower … I watched the 2nd hit from the roof @ the job .. I live about 20 blocks from WTC.. it lingered for months…

  2. They should also list the names of any innocent civilians who became casualities of our vengence. How many innocent foreigners dead equal one innocent American dead in our hearts?

  3. weehoo – I can only imagine that those images stayed with you for quite some time, if not forever.

    Pat – I could not agree more.

    I don’t know steven – sounds like a good project for you to occupy your time, tho.

  4. Never Again? How will killing people in Iraq stop the next Timothy McVeigh? Oops, we aren’t supposed to think about right-wing extremists these days, are we…

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