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I’m not dead. Really. I’m. Not.

I finally make the decision to quit my job so that I can concentrate on my other business(s) at home. Which is great! I have about two weeks left — and those business are taking off like crazy. Not that I’m complaining, not in the least. Not at all. However – the surge just couldn’t hold off until two weeks from now when I have the time to do it all?

Nooooooo. ‘Course not, hey?

If this candle had 4 ends – – I’d be burning them all right about now. New hosting clients. A whole bunch of new custom design work to be done. A huuuugggeee upcoming new client locally who not only wants a custom site and hosting – – but business cards, letterhead, envelopes and brochures to match. Heading off to training in Atlanta next weekend. Three new Herbalife clients this week (although, easy because they are all in the same family – a mother and 2 daughters). Plus my regular day job that sucks up about 8-9 hours of my days.

But! There is light at the end of the tunnel! August 10th is my absolute last day of full time work for my employer – – then I have this dellusion that I’ll have the time to do all of my business dealings without staying up until 3 am to get it all accomplished. Right? Right.

At some point this week, I need to stop and think through some of the other things that happened this week. There is the death of one of my patients – – 40 year old woman with advanced melanoma who died yesterday. She had two teenage kids and a husband who I am afraid is going to commit suicide. There is my own dad. He started his initial cancer treatements two days ago. Luckily, his form of cancer, while malignant, is very easily treated and the prognosis is very good. Still – I worry. I worry a lot. He’s my dad and I love him to pieces.

Chris comes back home again this weekend. I’m not sure how long this is going to continue on with him being gone M-F in Atlanta and only getting about 36-48 hours with him while he’s home on the weekends. I know he doesn’t like it either – – and it’s not permanent. I asked him earlier how much longer this was going to go on like this – – he said he didn’t really know yet, either. Then he says, “Why do you ask? Planning on getting out if it goes on longer than you can take?” (paraphrasing). Stupid man. Of course not. What an idiotic thing to say. Is it bad to want to know when life will get back to normal? Pfft.

Wow I’m grumpy tonight. lol Time for bed, I think.

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  1. I have no idea why guys say things like that at times – – I thought about it a while back when my guy was gone for a long period of time for work and he would say little things like that every now and then and I think it’s because he hated being away from home so much too and just wanted the “warm fuzzy” that no matter how long it takes I’d be here when he gets home – – that could be so wrong, but that’s how I took what he said. Kept me from getting pissed. lol

  2. Hmm, I hit submit by mistake when I wasn’t finished. It didn’t show up… Is this moderated?

    Anyways, on the comment, Uptown Girl is correct…so I’d take it as a compliment 😀

    Best of luck on your career path. You did a nice job on designing this blog. Original and cool…

  3. Because guys are insecure and want the heads up so they can do the immature thing… Ya know, “let’s fight so this apart time will be easier.”

  4. My wife has Metestatic Melanoma. Most of the mets are in her brain. She was diagnosed on May 18th. She is 48 and I am 54. We know how the lady you discussed and her husband must have fought. It is tough for all concerned. Our prayers are with you and the husband and children of the lady who is no longer having to brave each day.

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