Being that it’s winter and cold – – I always love those warm comfort foods that make ya feel all toasty and snuggly. Chelle has some fabulous recipes for oatmeal that I’m gonna HAVE to try out soon.

I went shopping today for all my baking goods to start the Xmas cookie baking marathon! Every year my mom and I do a cookie exchange — she makes a dozen different kinds, and so do I – – then we swap and give each other a dozen of each kind of cookie so that we each end up with two dozen different kinds of cookies for the holidays.

Can you say post-holiday Weight Watchers program?

I can!

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4 thoughts on “MMMmmmmm….oatmeal!”

  1. I’ll be watching!

    Will you be sharing any of your Christmas cookie recipes so the rest of us can gain those holiday pounds?

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