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I had the oddest dream the other night. Don’t judge me for it – – it was just a dream!

The dream took place in a town I’ve never been too, with people I’ve never met and a car I’ve never seen.

It started with me getting out of my car (it’s white – that’ll be important later). I parked it in a school parking lot (a school I’d never been too before, at least, I didn’t recognize it) and then I met a kid with brown hair – roughly age 10 – 12. He’s not a kid I’ve ever seen before – – no idea who he is.

Together, we walked to another car….a dark brown older model Sunbird, I think. There wasn’t much talk in the car, as we drove. We headed out of town and then up into the hills….into the trees on dirt roads. We drove up and up and up – – there were some really nice houses up that way, but it was still sort of isolated.

As we got to the top of the hill – – there was a clearning. We pulled in and parked. There was a man there — about mid-40’s. A man I had never seen before, either. But I can still see his face in my minds eye today – – two days after my dream.

So, we get out of the car – the kid and I. We approach this man – who I understand to be this kids teacher at the school where I parked my car. We walk up to him and I take out a gun and shoot him, and kill him. I then throw the gun on the ground and the kid and I get back in the brown car and drive away.

As we drive back to the school – – I’m fretting over the fact that I left the gun there, next to the guy’s body, with my fingerprints all over it. I try to decide whether I should go back and get the gun. . . but, what if someone is there? I decide to take the kid back to school and then go get the gun afterwards.

We pull up to the school and it’s crawling with police – – they’re looking for the person who killed the teacher in the woods. I’m panicked because it’s way too late to go get the gun now – – and I begin to realize that it’ll be only a matter of hours before I’m picked up and arrested.

We pull into the parking lot to exchange cars – – and the parking lot is jam packed with white cars. I can’t find which one is mine – – I’m too panicked to patiently drive around (one brown car among hundreds of white ones) and look for it, so I take the kid home and I drive around town until the school is closed. Then I drive to the school and exchange cars – – because my car is now the only one left in the parking lot.

I get in my white car and drive home. I go in, make coffee – – then sit on my sofa in the living room and wait for the police to arrive.

That is where I wake up. With a horrible feeling about the whole dream (well, duh – I killed a guy). But it was also one of the dreams that leave you with the very real feeling that it actually happened. Seriously, my first though when I woke up in the morning was “Wow – I actually got a full night of sleep before the police arrived?” – – it was very weird.

Go ahead — analyze that!

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13 thoughts on “It was just a dream”

  1. That’s not so bad, really. At least it wasn’t Chris you killed in your dream. I used to have a frequent dream about Joseph and I getting married and just as the official would say “you may now kiss the bride,” I would pull up my skirt, pull out a gun and BAM! But I’m sure that had something to do with my marriage phobia 🙂

  2. Chelle – – that is commitment-phobia if I have EVER heard it! At least in my dreams, I’m killing strangers – – not anyone near and dear.

    Now THAT is scary!

  3. i havent ever killed anyone in my dreams.. so consider this:
    i am clinically depressed (although i feel much better now) and have been of and on for many a year… you are not… i dont have dreams of mass murder… you do. I think your the normal one 😉

  4. Dreams fascinate me so I couldn’t help but to look up a few details of yours in a dream dictionary. Even though some dreams are horrible the meanings of them aren’t bad.

    White – People feel they can rely on you. You have an abundance of energy and vitality.

    Brown – This is an auspicious color to dream about:signifies freedom, success, money and happy and long-lasting union.

    Gun – Watch your temper.

    Police – Order. Control. Support. Seeking order but fear control.

    Child – Innocence. The new self seeking to develop. Part of self nature is childlike.

    Shooting – Destroying aspects of self.

    Stranger – Concerned about someone close to you that you cannot help.

    Coffee – Stimulation. Sometimes over-excitement. A need to slow down.

    Whatcha think?

  5. Uptowngirl’s analysis of the symbols makes sense – the essence of your dream is your anxiousness about letting go of an older part of yourself, and growing up in general. You may feel guilty for letting go of older values or beliefs that you were taught when you were young. It’s a bit confusing to begin with (hence not beign able to find your car) but you have enough adult sense to wait and try again later, even though it still doesn’t feel quite ‘right’…

    Great dream :).

  6. Uptown – I’ll tell ya, you have an uncanny way of making me feel SO much better about something that was making me feel rather gruesome!

    Thanks for the interesting analysis – it gives food for thought 🙂

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