Does Commitment Make Me Blister?


Ring FingerOver the past several weeks, I’ve developed this curious problem. I’m not sure what it is – so I thought I’d share. In September of 2005 I got engaged to the man I love.. the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have been wearing his ring since September 10, 2005. I love the ring – – it’s gorgeous and beautiful and I love wearing it!

Several weeks ago – I developed this itchy rash under the ring. I thought maybe something got underneath it.. like hand lotion or something that irritated my skin. So, I took the ring off and wore it on my right hand until the rash went away.

Since then, I’ve put it back on and taken it off a dozen times, cleaning the ring over and over each time – – and each time I put it back on, I develop this blister-like thing that itches like CRAZY! See the picture to the right – – that’s what it looks like today after wearing it all day yesterday.

Note: Wearing it on my right hand isn’t a problem. The skin on the ring finger of my right hand doesn’t do this.. just my left, wedding ring finger.

The band is platinum. It didn’t bug me at all up until a few weeks ago. What the hell?

The wedding is a little over 2 months away – – could this be psychosomatic? Could it be nerves? It’s gotta be a reaction to the metal in the ring? But why would it not bug me the first 7 months I wore it? And why wouldn’t it affect my right hand like that?

Does commitment make me blister??

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  1. If commitment is the problem then I have it too but after 24 years of marriage, somehow I don’t think that’s it. This happens to me randomly as well. I thought it was soap or lotion or something getting under the ring myself. It would often take several washings for it to go away but I stayed away from chemical cleaners because I didn’t want to irritate it more. I’ve also noticed it happens when my rings aren’t loose. I don’t mean that they are tight either, I just mean that I notice this happens when I’m retaining water or whatever. If you figure it out let me know because I’ve suffered with this for many, many years on and off and I’ve never really found the answer either. At times I’d even get a watery blister. Yuck!

  2. Well Jade,

    You have several options: (Its strange that it is only your left ring finger)

    1.) Cut your left ring finger off.
    2.) Throw the ring away and just try living with your man.
    3.) Try another guy AND ring. (not platinum)
    4.) Call Dr. Phil and see what he thinks.
    5.) Wrap the ring with Angora and then wear it.
    6.) Try wearing it on your left middle finger. (If its not a problem, then its a left hand ring finger problem, at least you’ll look stylish flipping people the bird)
    7.) Don’t wear a ring (Its the thought that counts, no?)
    8.) Don’t Worry So much and go with the Flow.
    9.) Scrap the whole idea of marriage, it may not be right 4 U.

    I hope this helps, if not you can contact me:

  3. If you’re reacting to the metal, try coating the inside with clear nail polish. I’m allergic to silver, but this little trick makes it possible for me to wear a silver ring without ill effect.

  4. I had thhat happen under my ring finger last summer and thought it was a sign of bad things to come!

    What it was was dirt (from sweat, and I know you’ve been doing a lot of that lately) collecting in tiny places under the setting. I soaked my ring in jewelry cleaning solution overnight, scrubbed the bejeezus out of it, and rinsed it with antibacterial soap. Let the ring air out, put neosporin on your finger once a day until it clears up, and then put your ring back on and you should be fine.

  5. I didn’t even think about all the working out/sweating I’ve been doing lately. Leanne, you just might have the problem right there! I took the ring off yesterday and have been putting Benadryl cream on the spot since then – – cuz it itches like MAD!

    Funny how Bendaryl doesn’t take away the itch at all – even though it’s supposed to.

    This morning, the area is still red and raised… a little bit less itchy.. and is starting to peel. I think I’ll wait until it’s gone 100% before I try putting the ring back on. πŸ™

  6. I get that every once in a blue moon too..I find it happens when cleaners (I am assuming cleaners) get on the skin and then I let the ring set on the skin the skin itchs…And I hear you on the cream..I can take the blister look, but that itch is like a mosquito bite that just won’t stop! 8-}
    You do need to let the air get to it without the ring! I hope it gets better soon!

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  8. I have a couple rings I wear all the time and neither are nearly the quality or importance of yours – so i understand you not wanting to go without it. Mine do cause irritation as well. I’m sort of a creature of habit and live by a similiar daily ritual, so I bagan taking my rings off in the evening and leaving them on my keyboard. Each morning after I shower and get ready for the day etc, usually as I’m ready to leave the house, I put them back on. And I quit wearing them whenever I do dirty work. HTH

  9. I am so glad to hear that other people have this. Mine has affected my ring finger and pinky! I think my wedding band (eternity band)has completly irritated it! It has started peeling and is just gross!

  10. This also happens to me. I think part of the problem might be that when I wash my hands there’s still a little bit of water under the ring and thus my finger there stays wetter longer. I have a ring with a setting that promotes little water droplets just hanging around. Try to make a habit of swaping the ring to another finger or moving it down your finger to really get that finger dry. Just STEP AWAY from the sink- don’t want to accidentally drop it down the drain πŸ™‚

  11. I have had exactly the smae thing. have worn two white gold rings since November 2004 then a month ago developed itchy rash. I think it’s water under the rings.
    I took the rings off until the rash had gone COMPLETELY. I put lots of hand lotion on regularly & then put on the rings when all signs of the rash had gone. I’m now drying my hands very thoroughly after washing them and applying a barrier cream before replacing my rings. It’s working.

  12. I had exactly the same problem with my rings. I’ve worn them for three years and then *poof* I get this rash. I took the rings off and they healed. I put them back on and it was back. I did some research on the net before going nutty on dermatoligists and creams (I don’t have insurance or money) and I read somewhere to boil the rings in 2 parts vinegar and 1 part peroxide for 15 minutes. For fear of creating a chemical explosion in my kitchen, I just boiled the rings in water for 15 minutes and guess what? IT’S GONE. ALL GONE. No damage to the diamonds or metal. I never take my rings off. The problem is fixed. I do all the stuff I used to do – workout with them on, sleep with them on, swim, shower, cook. You name it. Hope this helps.

  13. I find this page very interesting. I decided to look online to see if anyone else suffered from this problem. I think I found the right page! Recently I noticed an exzema like rash under my wedding ring. And yes it does itch like crazy! I am thankful for all the nice advice everyone left. I am definitly going to try them! Good luck to all who battle this problem and I hope it goes away so we can all wear our rings which seal the vow of our marriages!

  14. I am so grateful to have found this site. I have been battling this problem for a month now. I never had any probles with my engagement ring, but six months after wearing a wedding/engagement ring combo, I have developed these blisters. My theory was that water was getting trapped under my rings. So I didn’t wear the rings and kept applying hydrocortizone. Last night I wore them for the first time and the rash has returned. I will look into the boiling technique, but I am fearful of putting my beautiful rings in boiling water. Thanks for all the advice. We are not alone!

  15. This is so interesting… I searched online as well to see if anyone else has this problem. Mine, like Danielle’s, started after I aquired my wedding band. I thought it might have been because of the swelling from summer heat, which made my rings tighter. I did the same as others – cured the rash. But once I put the rings back on, it came right back. Terribly annoying. I’m hoping it gets better in the winter. I might try the boiling technique. Seems I’ve tried everything else!

  16. I’ve had the same problem for the last 3 1/2 months now. At this point, i have several tiny blisters on my ring finger. I have only been married for 18 months, therefore, I didn’t have problems until now. i just started to not wear my wedding ring today because my rash is getting worse. I’m going to try the hydrocortisone and neosporin for a couple days and see how it turns out. –

  17. Here is an update on my situation. Since my post on Sept. 10, I stopped wearing my rings to let the blisters heal. I put hydrocortisone on but kept my finger uncovered. The blisters healed in a little over a week, and for the past couple of days I’ve been wearing my rings during the day. I take both rings off before I wash my hands, and then I completely dry my hands before putting them back on. So far this has worked. It has been a couple days already and the rash has not returned. I am hoping that this is the trick because I would really hate it if I could not wear them. Good luck ladies, and try this technique. It is working for me:)

  18. I boiled my rings in water to sterilise them (having not worn them until the blisters had gone). No problem since. I think it’s a bacterial build up on the rings

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  20. I have had the same problem for about a year. I’ve tried to tough it out at times thinking it would just go away but it gets really bad. I’ve also stopped wearing my ring but I love my wedding band and really do want to wear it. I can heal the blisters and irritation with over the counter medication in a week or so but as soon as I put my rings on the irritation and blisters come back within a day or two then I get to see all the ugly peeling. I’ve even been to the Dermatologist who stated it’s eczema and gave me a prescrition cream that is worthless. I think I’ll try the boiling. I have to go to the dermatologist again this week for something else so I’ll ask advice again. If it’s good or it works I’ll share it with you guys. GOOD LUCK!!

  21. I thought I’d pop in here and do an update. I took Debbie’s advice and boiled my rings in just pure water for about 15 minutes. I did that about a month and a half ago – – and I’ve been wearing my rings ever since with absolutely no rash whatsoever! I’m thrilled – thanks to Debbie for stopping by with such a great tip!

  22. I’m going to try the boiling technique for sure. The dermatologist I saw today has no clue. Gave me a sample of hydrocortisone to put on it. Of course I’ve tried that plenty of times. I’ll update you after I boil them. Will it hurt white gold with diamonds?

  23. If you can cut glass w/ diamonds – I don’t think some boiling water will hurt them πŸ˜‰

    I boiled mine – – it’s a platinum band wtih a 2c. diamond – – came out perfectly and NO rash πŸ˜€ yay!

  24. I was a little nervous to boil my white gold ring too. So about 3 weeks ago I boiled water then poured it into a mug and then put my rings in it. I felt better about it not being on the stove. So far it has worked, but I also take my rings off now everytime I wash my hands. The blisters have not come back.

  25. I am soooo happy to have found this blog!! I’ve had this rash on my ring finger for the last two months or so and I’ve attributed it to constantly having lotions or water trapped between the ring and my fingers (I’ve only had the rash since having my daughter, and since I have a 5 mo. old, I’m constantly washing my hands, and using lotions, etc.). I started to research and thought maybe a metal allergy, but the rings are platinum. Aquaphor clears it up, but it always returns after I put my rings back on. I’m going to put them in vinegar and boiling water and hopefully that will do the trick. I’m just so happy to see that this is so common…

  26. I’ve had this same problem for the last 9mths (since my son was born) and thought that it might have been because the wedding ring was too tight, yet my engagement ring doesn’t cause the rash. Thanks to debbie for the boiling water advice. I’m glad its not just me going mad at this itchy and scratchy sore. πŸ™‚

  27. I have had this rash on my ring finger and it goes on to my pinky for a couple of years now. I wore my 14k gold wedding rings without a problem for at least 10 years and then Rash!! I told my husband that I must be allergic to the gold since nothing was clearing it up except removing the rings !!He bought me a white gold set of rings but that didnt do it so we bought a PLatinum set. I wore the rings for about a year NO PROBLEM- then RASH!!!! I cant wear them at all without the irritation and rash coming within hours of wearing them. I think I”M going to try boiling the rings after the rash clears up.

  28. Wow, I had no idea that so many people had this same problem as myself. I have been engaged for a year and suddenly 3 months ago a rash appeared.It has progressively gotten worse and worse.I hate not wearing my ring but that seems to be the only thing that helps.However,the rash always comes back.It has gotten so bad that blisters have formed and it is becoming painful.I work at a resteraunt and I wash my hands ALL DAY LONG.The more I wash,the worse it gets.I’m going to stop wearing my ring until the rash clears up and try the boiling method and I’ll let you know how it works.

  29. I have had the same thing happen to me, after wearing my rings for 6 years without a problem!!! Now it’s itchy and blistery,,,gross gross gross, but you are right the rash is unbearably itchy, I’m going to boil my rings right now!!

  30. thank you so much,,
    feel so much better to know that I am not ‘Allergic’ to my marraige,,
    because i have NO problems with the ring on my right hand…WHY?
    no idea!!!! but on the left hand,, THE RASH,,
    going to try the boiling,,

  31. :d Thank you for all of the great tips! I have had this problem for YEARS now. It started with a gold ring, so I switched to platinum – STILL HAVE IT! If I take it off and let it heal for a while it goes away, but always comes back within a couple weeks. I use hydrogen peroxide to heal my finger, then I soak the ring over night in it. This helps, but only for a few months. It must be a bacterial build-up! I will try boiling water since it’s cheapier then peroxide.

  32. I have had the same problem. My rash seems to be have started when I switched gyms. At first I wore my rings when I worked out and then the problem started. I thought soap, allergic reaction to new shampoo, whatever. So I started keeping my ring off and experimenting with not using or using certain products. My last bought of ring-finger occurred after I put my rings back on immediately after working out. I also saw something on the Today Show about how funky gym equipment can be. So, I am going to def. boil the rings, then not put them back on after I have gotten home from the gym.

  33. Thank you so much for bringing this up. I have been searching
    online for an answer to this and you guys and all your comments have
    helped me tremendously. I thought it was a bad omen too, I’ve
    been married for a year and a half and I’ve never had this problem, nor did I when we were engaged for over a year. I’m so glad it’s not just me!!!!!

  34. Oh my gosh, I am so glad I’m not the only one dealing with this! I had a horrible itchy red rash that resulted in my skin peeling off…and so I wasn’t wearing either of my rings for about two weeks to let it heal. It looked completely healed, so I started wearing just my engagement ring again…then that was fine so I put my wedding band on too and now it’s itchy and red and irritated again! A friend of mine is a dermatologist and she said it’s just from soap and water getting stuck under there, but I think it’s more than that. I’m going to try the boiling thing, and keep taking my rings off at night and when I wash my hands. I just can’t figure out why it was fine for 2.5 years and now it’s giving me trouble! Anyway, good luck to all of you and thanks for all the great ideas!

  35. THANK YOU all so much for sharing this weird rash that I’ve nicknamed “ring worm”. Tonight I decided to google ring rash and this site came up. I’m going to boil my wedding rings and continue with the cortizone (neosprin made it worse). Thanks for all the helpful comments – it’s nice to know we’re not alone with this.

  36. Oh wow! Thanks for this site! I have the same story as everyone else,I think the gym might have something to do with it! It sounds like boiling will be the best idea and maybe taking my ring off when working out at the gym or cleaning!

  37. πŸ˜• Hmmm — the same thing has happened to me and a good friend of mine. She has even started wearing her wedding set on her right hand. I think it has to be the lotion and soap combo stuck under my rings. I guess I have to be extra careful with taking them off when I wash my hands…I’m not by any means a clean freak but I’m finding that I wash my hands a lot. I’ll try the boiling water tonight and hope it takes care of it. If it truly is a bacterial issue then that’s truly funnnnkkkky.

  38. πŸ˜•
    Thanks for all the tips! This is just the weirdest thing! I am in the same boat as you girls- I have worn my ring for two -three years and suddenly I developed the rash. (I wore a different wedding ring for close to twenty years and no problems at all) I – like others just took it off until the rash cleared up (often at least a week) and then would wear it again. Only to have the rash return. I too will try the boiling thing. I am so grateful that I am not alone!! It’s funny how we feel better knowing there are others in the same predicament hey? Thanks to all!

  39. Hey everyone,
    I thought that this was just a me problem, boy was I wrong. I am going into the kitchen right now to boil my rings. I will let you all know soon. Thanks and God Bless!!!!

  40. I am so releived to find out that others are struggling with this as well. I’ve been married for 4 years and it didn’t happen until I had my son who is now 5 months old. I thought it as something with my hormones. Boiling sounds like the way to go. Thanks a ton because the thought of not being able to wear my ring was very sad.

  41. I am so releived to find out that others are struggling with this as well. I’ve been married for 4 years and it didn’t happen until I had my son who is now 5 months old. I thought it as something with my hormones. Boiling sounds like the way to go. Thanks a ton because the thought of not being able to wear my ring was very sad.:o:o

  42. I boiled my rings last night and I’m hoping for a miracle….let’s see how long I can wear them without the rash/blisters. I’ll let you guys know.

  43. Day two after boiling and no rash/blister yet. I usually get the rash within a couple of hours after putting my ring on. So far so good ladies!:)

  44. Thanks so much for your thoughts on ring rash. A few years ago I had it on my ring finger and managed to get rid of it with cortisoneand keeping the finger dry beneath the ring. Now, mysteriously I seem to have the same rash on my middle finger (no ring) and can’t seem to heal it, it just gets better and then worse again.

  45. Interesting, I’ve had problems with my ring since I received it 7 years ago. On and off I develop what looks like a callus, but it gets irritated. Only recently I was showing a friend my finger, when a person overheard and said she had actually gone to the doctor for the same itchy, peeling, blistery, rashy red ring finger – she was told it is Athlete’s Foot (fungus, in other words) that develops from the moisture, lotion, soap, etc. that gets under your ring.

  46. I am so glad that I have come across this blog. I am 9 months pregnant and have had this ring rash problem for a month now, I seriously thought it was because of the skin changes during pregnancy, now I now that is just a coincidence. I will try to boil my platnum diamond ring and hopefully my problem will be solved. Thanks!

    Kelly H.

  47. I’m so glad I found ths site. I have been wearing my wedding rings for 7 1/2 years. I have the same “ring rash” as described by everyone here. I too ended up getting it shortly after my son was born. Ever since then I have taken off my rings to let my finger heal, and then it comes right back again after I put my rings back on. I am really upset about not being able to wear my rings.:(( I’m definitely going to try boiling mine too!

    Thanks everyone for posting!

  48. You ladies are fantastic.. I am in Australia and couldnt find anything here.. I thought I was alone with this dud finger that I would have to go see the Doc about.. sit in the waiting room with people who have REAL medical problems not just some blisters on their finger!! THANKYOU for this site.. i am going right now to boil my rings!!!

  49. I decided to try someone else’s idea of boiling water in the microwave and then putting my ring in that water because I didn’t feel safe putting my ring on the stove.It has been 3 days and NO RASH!!! YEAH!!!! I will probably continue to do this every couple of weeks because I do not want that nasty rash to EVER come back! Thanks for the tips everyone!

  50. Again, thanks everyone! Mine started as soon as I got the ring and then I moved to Salt Lake City. Within a couple of months, the rash stopped. I have been back in Canada for 6 months, no problems, head down to Florida, and it starts again. I had my ring cleaned by a jeweller, and cleaned it myself with ring cleaner, still getting the rash. I am going to try the boiling thing right now, I’ll keep you posted!

  51. Wow, a friend of mine passed along this site knowing I’ve been having ring issues. My situation is just like everyone’s, ring was fine for more than a year, then it just started getting really red and very itchy and then the skin peels off. I tried to make an appointment at the dermatologist and I couldn’t get an appointment for like 3 months so I bagged it. I’ll try the boiling, it sounds like it’s worked for others. Yay!

  52. OMG! I can NOT believe how many of you had the same issue. I noticed this redness under my ring a few days ago and was like WHAT is that?It is definitely getting worse, not better. uugh. I told my DH to look at it tonight and we are both very intrigued by it. So my beautiful rings are off right now, which I hate, and the rash looks absolutely rediculous and is now raised slightly, so even if I wanted to wear my rings, I can’t. Is a blister to come?!? I have been wearing my wedding ring (platinum w/diamonds all around) and platinum engagement ring for 3 years with no issue. Had a baby and have been bathing her, using creams, etc. frequently, so maybe that is it. I am so thankful to hear about the boiling as the thought of going through the dermatologist trial and error routine is daunting ..will let you all know how I make out.

  53. great to see this site! I agree that keeping rings clean seems to help but something else that i have noticed (have been married and wearing rings for 6 years) is that at about my 7th month of pregnancy with my second son, i started getting this rash that i had never had before and nothing would cure it – lotions, creams, prescriptions, etc under my rings and did not go away until i stopped nursing him at 6 months (i did not have a problem with a lot of pregnancy weight gain and loss so dont think it was a case of bigger fingers…). Now I am 6.5 months pregnant with my next child and it is starting again. i am definitely going to try the boiling but also wonder if there is some link to hormone levels as well…. thanks for all of your insight!

  54. Does anyone here have a reaction to earrings as well?? I get the “ring rash” exactly as everyone has described here – but my ears also seem to have a reaction. When I take the earrings out and feel my earlobe it feels a little swollen and sore.. I don’t sleep in the earrings and I put them in a while after I’ve showered (and I can’t say I wash my ears at so its not like water is sitting under them..) and by the end of the same day I have this reaction. Anyone else have this??

  55. Man- this site is great! This just started happening since I became preggo with my 2nd and it is driving me CRAZY! It itches so bad that I just want to scrtch my finger off. I am going to boil boil boil my rings and let my finger heals and hope that happens. I’d had never taken my wedding rings off until this happened- and I feel like I get weird looks from people wlaking around 7months preggo with no ring. πŸ™‚ It’s so nice to know your not crazy!

  56. I didn’t have an engagement ring at all, but my wedding ring is white gold and does the same thing.

    It also doesn’t do it when I put it on my right hand… I think maybe at some point I’d worn it on the left so much it became sensitised, but it hasn’t been enough on the right hand yet?! Dunno.

    I’m going to try the clear nail polish trick, and if that fails go and get the inside coated with some non-allergenic metal at my jeweller, because I love wearing it.

    I’m definately not allergic to my marriage so I did alot of looking online and it seems like a very common problem. Just disappointing that the jewellers dont warn people before they buy their rings. Oh well.


  57. πŸ˜•
    I can’t believe that this is so common. I thought I was the only one. I wore my engagement ring for 8mo and no problem then one day it was red and itchy. There were a few small blisters. I kept the ring off and I kept Neosporin and a band aid on it and it went away. I put the ring back on and it came right back. I have been wearing my engagement & band together and I have the rash again. It looks like a bright red tattoo around my finger. When it is starting to clear up it the skin starts flaking off. It is actually quite gross!! I hate not being able to wear my rings. I did buy a jewelery cleaner at the store and used it (wonder if that was the problem) I boiled some water and put my rings on a large serving spoon inside the water for about 10 minutes. After I got them out there was so much dirt and God knows what else in the water…and it cleaned them and they look brand new. So hopefully it killed any bacteria…When my finger completely heals I will try to wear them again. My engagement ring is channel set with a princess diamond in the middle, so there is a lot of room for water and etc. to get trapped under there…Let’s hope it works!!

  58. Praise the Lord, I have had this exact problem for a about 5 weeks and it started after I used the jewelry cleaner and didnt rinse my rings off properly. So I thought that was the problem, I then thought it had to do with me being pregnant as everyone else told me. I also noticed that, to me, not my husband of course that my finger and ring had a slight mildewy odor. Yes I said Mildewy, and so I took it off switched fingers and no problem I wash the ring everytime I wash my hand I was proud if it, I was beginning to think it was because by Engagement Ring is 18K and my band was 10K, but now I know the true story. BOIL THE RINGS AND REMOVE AT NIGHT!!!!! Thank you all for you input and thank you Lisa for posting this site.

  59. Ugh and Ugh, My finger looks half red and half normal…all they way from the base of my finger spreading between my fingers up to my knuckle…so nasty. Worn white gold ring for 3 years now!
    I cannot beilive that people had this same problem…I too developed this Ring Rash after my baby was born probably because I live at the sink making bottles and washing bottles..I have just boiled my ring and I will clean the daylights out of it too and wait for this dreadfull rash to clear…and cancell the dermatoligist apointment.screw that.I would like to hear if anything really worked for good….keep scratching….

  60. :d I came on the web today specifically looking for help about my ‘ring rash’. I’ve worn my ring for 18 years and now the RASH! when it began to hurt I took off the ring and soaked overnight in rubbing alcohol and allowed the rash to heal. I’d put it back on and the RASH would return in just a few days. I will also be trying the ‘boil the ring’ method. I am so glag I logged on to learn this! Thanks to those who orginally posted and all the contributors.

  61. This is incredible…….so many of us dealing with this nasty rash thing. My wedding band started driving me insane with this red, itchy rash that was making the skin peel and crack. YUCK. Like many of you, had been wearing it a long time with no problem.

    I too wonder if it could be related to hormones, ‘cuz this started while I was pregnant……now I’m nursing and it hasn’t stopped. I’m gonna try the boiling thing, but I wonder if prego/nursing hormones make you more sensitive than normal.

    Thanks for the post! Very helpful.

  62. Well… I’m off to get out a small pot to try the boiling technique. My wedding band is white gold, with 3X.125 princess diamonds across the top in a channel setting. I think what happens is the bacteria gets trapped between my skin and the underside of the ‘channel’ and a friend had suggested that there was probably bacteria was building up. Another friend also suggested that maybe I was allergic to being married (it’s only been 6 months!). I hadn’t thought of trying sterilize the ring so I’m going to try that and will be sure to report back – hopefully it works! Thanks to everyone for sharing their ring rash stories πŸ™‚

  63. I’m so thrilled to find this site – I’ve been suffering from the “allergic to ring” fling for 3 months! I too wore my ring for over a year and had no problem — i’ve done the same yo-yo of ring on, ring off, and over the counter meds. I did find that pouring vinegar directly on my finger did soothe the blisters — as did tea tree oil. I’m headed to my stove w/ a pot of water ;o) Thanks again! — Courtney

  64. This site has been so helpful. I was fine wearing my ring for a long time until I was pregnant with my 3rd son. I got “the rash”. I also thought it was from too much hand washing and not drying well enough. I have been using Aveeno lotion which really seems to help. I haven’t worn my ring in 4 days and it seems to be getting better, but I am scared to put my rings back on. I am going to try the boiling water and hope that works. Thanks for all the helpful advice and just knowing I’m not alone has made me feel so much better.

  65. i have been married for 35 years and my rings on my other hand which i have had for years have just started with the same problem i am unable to wear them for more that a couple of hours, idont no the answer to the problem, just thought id let you no i have the same trouble

  66. I ended up buying a replacement ring to wear (tungsten carbide) after battling this ring rash for months to no avail. I’ve not had a single problem with the new ring since I got it 6 months ago, but I’ll definately have to try boiling my original band and see if that fixes the problem with it. I wish I had found this thread before buying a surrogate ring!

  67. I have had my wedding ring now for over 5 years and I never take it off. I have had 2 kids in the last 3 years and all of a sudden this ring is giving me problems. I know it is from being in the water and different lotions and sweating from working out but it never bothered before and all of these occurrences are routine. I will try to boil the ring. I Hope it works bc I am sick of the redness and before I got on this website I was thinking it was some kind of fungi/athletes foot type thing. I am glad I found this site and how common this problem is. Funny how it is happening now after all this time.

  68. ** Follow-up to post #69 – Jan 13th **

    Ok, so I boiled my ring and treated my rash. While the rash was healing I wore my ring on my other hand. Some friends at work seemed a bit confused until I told them the story.

    Anyway, the rash seems to have cleared up and I now take my ring off when I wash my hands and I’m also sure to dry my finger thoroughly. I also take my ring off at night before I go to bed. Yes – that’s what’s the wierdest part as I was very adamant on wearing my ring 100% of the time. Oh well… now I just have to hope I don’t forget it in a public restroom or accidentially toss it in the trash. Wish me luck!

  69. hi, just wanted to say that i have been married 12 years…all of a sudden got the “ring rash” from my white gold rings. tried everything including boiling the ring. i let the rash clear completely, boiled the ring and tried to wear it again. i am sad to say this did not work for me. about 6 hours after wearing the ring, the rash came back and my finger began to hurt. i am so happy for those of you that this has worked for but thought i would let you know that boiling is not a full proof method…i am so sad about my rings…

  70. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Danielle!!!!!! I have the same thing going on with the ring finger. The rashes have come and gone sporadically since I’ve been wearing them non stop(6 mo). I also have a platinum ring,1.5 carat, and am a little worried about the boiling water deal, but I’ve got to try it! The blister has become so large and swollen it looks like an alien landed inside the skin and has now erupted slightly with little oozing.GROSSSS!

  71. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!! I have the same thing – itchy, red, dry, flaky, sometimes oozy, and tiny blisters all over my ring finger. Oh, did I mention it itches like a mother F??? I have a diamond ring and a wedding band (both platinum). The band has channels where small diamonds sit, like many others have said. This causes water, soap, bacteria, dirt, and God knows what else to settle in there. I, too, noticed a faint “mildewy” smell on my ring finger once – yuck! I teach elem. school and wash my hands constantly. Thought that was the problem (and it might be partly), but I think there’s more to it. I’m also pregnant now and my entire body itches; therefore, my “ring rot” is a million times worse. I want to scratch a hole in my finger. It’s truly awful and irritating. For the finger treatment, I wash my hands before bed with non-scented, non-lotiony, non-perfumed soap, then dry completely. Then, I put Neosporin all around it and cover in gauze. Then, I use medical tape and tape down the gauze so it’ll stay. I look like a damn burn victim, but regular band aids are a joke and fall off. For the ring treatment, I’ve tried a cheap liquid jewelry cleaner, an expensive jewelry cleaning kit ith spcial chemicals, and having the jeweler try to clean it (they are stupid – they just buffed it but didn’t actually clean it). None of these worked. I plan to try the boiling water and/or vinegar solution. Can’t hurt! While I’m not exactly sure what’s causing it, I know scented lotions, perfumy shampoos, and other “tutti-fruitti” substances don’t help at all….only worsens it and dries it out. And not to sound like a prude, but forget the dermatologist. What a waste of my time! The round and round, trial and error game gets annoying after 6 months of waiting to see if the latest cream or treatment works. I’ve had this problem for years, and when he said, “Try some over the counter hydrocortisone cream” I just laughed at him. He was clueless. So glad I found this site and I’m not the only one. Good luck. I hope boiling my rings will help.

  72. UPDATE! Since posting my blog 11 days ago, I am now wearing the rings without any problems.

    I left the rings off while the blisters dried up and healed. Very IMPORTANT! Then used boiling water over the rings in a small coffee cup about 6 times( I was not taking any chances). I’ve been wearing the rings about 4 days now without any complications. I’ve also been taking them off when I wash my hands just to avoid any excess moisture from building. I really believe that this works. I’m also going to boil some water over the rings once a month to avoid the blisters ever again!

    Thanks all for posting the problem and suggestions for solutions! I think I owe it to Debbie! After re-reading some comments it looks like she suggested the solution. Thanks Lisa, for the brave idea to post the horrible problem that- lets face it so many of us privately suffer in silence. Thanks again!!!Yayyy!!!

  73. I am completely shocked that I am not alone. What gets me is that with all of us having this problem why the jewelers don’t tell us. I took my ring back to the jeweler and asked them. When I told them that I previously wore a white gold class ring on the same finger he was stunned. He said maybe I developed an allergy over time and suggested that I buy a platinum ring. Instead of helping they just want the money. I was so fed up I pretty much gave up trying to wear my rings eventho I love them so. It got so bad I jokingly/seriously asked my hubby to cut my finger off LOL because it itched so much. Thanx Lisa for starting this blog. I pray to God that the boiling helps because I cant take not being able to wear my rings. I’ll keep you all posted. :)>-

  74. I started to get the “rash” under my wedding band only, I wear a total of 5 rings, after my husband and I began having marital problems. The worse our problems, the worse my rash was, and when he was cheating on me, it appeared I had a flaming red ring on my finger that burned and burned. I had no idea what it was and began to believe it was a sign from God to head for the hills once I discovered what he was up to. We split up and I stopped wearing my ring about a year ago. My finger no longer has the red ring, but it does have a permanent scar from when it was red. It now looks like I just took my ring off. Glad to know there is an actual cause to this problem other than a message from God!

  75. OH man read this webpage awhile back when my ring finger was beyond nasty…I had no clue what to do….
    Well I hope everyone takes the boiling your ring advice….boil water and put in a mug…like the one woman did….(SSflemming)just so you dont have a ring in a pot of molten lava…BUT I had to let my finger heal FIRST cant preach how important that is! and keept my ring in a safe place for a WEEK.. but once finger is healed you are good to go! NO rash since! Sometimes I remove my ring when I wash dishes..but no rash its been a couple months! somthing so simple! and I had an apt with the dermatoligist! fer-get-it! Saved my finger!! yippie! NO amputations yet!

  76. Hello, you don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I just googled “itchy red rash, wedding ring” because I’m having the EXACT same problem you are. Your site popped up and I can’t believe the similarities. I’ve been wearing my wedding ring for almost 20 years, although 9 years ago we had the ring redesigned and reset so that now the band is wider, but I haven’t had any problems until about 2 months ago. Suddenly I can’t wear the ring at all without having this problem. A friend of mind told me I should get the ring coated in chromium, but I haven’t checked into it yet. Weird!

  77. Hello All!! I also have the same problem….a red dry itchy ring finger!!! When it first happened about a month ago…. I wasn’t sure what caused it, but not wearing them for a few days and LOTS of moisturizer cleared it right up for a few weeks. Then last night, I woke up in the middle of the night and it was itching like CRAZY and I woke up to the same rash again this morning. Then I realized that yesterday I brought my rings into my jewelers to have them cleaned…thinking I’d get rid of any bacteria/dirt under them once and for all….BUT now its back!!! Im not sure if its the cleaner…but thats the only thing I can think of because it was fine until then!!! Anyways, I’d definitely stay away from jewelery cleaners and I am gonna try putting my rings in the boiling water….THANKS FOR ALL THE ADVICE….and hope mine helps!!!:)

  78. :)I am so glad I find this commments. I have been suffering with this rush almost 3 years. Exaktly the same symptoms.I will try boiling. ATTENTION: my friend told me that it also can be Allergyc to gold… be exactly some Nikel that cover all jewerly.

  79. I had this same thing happen and it was due to using Dawn dishwasher soap which an excellent grease remover – but it also removes the oils from your hands and can cause a rash that itches and makes your finger sweat. Someone else told me this and sure enough – as soon as I stopped using this dishsoap – the rash stopped.

  80. I tried accupunture to get rid of my rash. They told me I was allergic to the gold. It didn’t help–but cleaning the ring more often did! Glad I’m not alone!:)

  81. I’m SO glad I found this page! I’ve been having this problem for several months now. My kids are 16 and 21 so it’s not new-Mom hormones but like many of you here, my ring set is also white gold, channel-set with a raised center stone (so lots of “dome” to catch moisture)… I’d worn the rings for approx. 6-7 months before having any problem but I have gained a few lbs so while the ring isn’t uncomfortably tight, it IS more snug than before, so I figured it was trapped moisture – especially since with the skin peeling, it looked “chapped”. My finger now sports a “scarlet” band – which I treat with thick unscented moisturizing cream by day and neosporin at night during the peely state, I slip my old basic (solid/flat-bottom) white gold band over the neosporin so it stays on the skin during the night… That’s the weirdest part… I can wear the basic band (white gold) even WHILE it’s rashy and it doesn’t prevent the healing – BUT I cannot wear the more expensive wedding set that is also white gold. This is why I don’t think it’s an allergy in my case.

    I wore my nice ring out yesterday for the first time in a month and had the jeweler “clean” it (but apparently – since today I have the itchy blistery rash again – they don’t disinfect when they clean as I thought they did)… I was so afraid I was somehow allergic to this ring that I love so much (My husband just gave me for our anniversary last fall)… I waited 21 years for him to surprise me with a ring HE chose and purchased on his own and I was hating the thought I wouldn’t be able to wear it…

    I’m going to try the boiled water/coffee cup trick as soon as my finger’s healed and will wear my plain band to hide my “scarlett finger” in the meantime.

    Thanks again for posting this – You’ve given me hope again!

  82. To find these comments has helped me so very much! I have worn my beautiful diamond wedding ring for six years and just three weeks ago the very same red itchy rash everyone else is describing has happened to me. I’m nursing my second baby who is nine months old now but unlike before, my ring with channel set diamonds flanking the center stone is a tad bit snug now. I am going to try the boiling method while my scarlet banded finger heals and I think trying to loose a few pounds wouldn’t hurt my cause either. Thanks to all the ladies for sharing their stories.

  83. Its got to be hormone related. I didn’t think anyone else had this problem. I had it so bad after my daughter was born. Then had the exact same thing 2 years later right after my son was born. Its been almost two years and now I have it again. Never thought of boiling my rings but am going to go do it right now. The rash is extremely itchy.

  84. This site is so helpful! Thanks to all the ladies and their comments. I have been having the same problem with redness and dry skin under my wedding rings. I consulted a pharmacist and she recommended hydrocortisone cream which has worked very well. She had the same problem and said to make sure your finger is dry after washing. Also don’t wear them when gardening or using cleaning products. It seems to be a combination of moisture and bacteria trapped under rings. Also mine had become tight from weight gain which didn’t help matters. I would also suggest cleaning rings in amonia solution weekly to stop build up of irritants that collect under your rings. I believe this happened because I was not taking mine OFF to clean them regulary like I used. I am on the mend now and will be cleaning and disinfecting rings before I put them back on. So glad to get all the info from everyone. Thank you!

  85. I am glad I found this site. I have on my wedding finger raised bumps that become itchy and now after one week it has gone to my right hand up the top near my palm. What is it? I just want it gone.

    I am a beautician by trade and have to wash my hands regulary now I am using a soap free soap wash and have to leave my rings off although I don’t want to. I take them off when having a shower and put them on the other hand making sure it is completely dry. Although I have the same thing on the other hand where one can’t wear rings. Does anyone know what it is and if it is contageous??

  86. I am back to report (my comment is number 90) that I boiled my ring that very day and let my finger heal completely before I put it back on and I haven’t had a problem yet. Everyone’s comments were most helpful.
    For Sienna, comment number 93, I suggest you make an appointment with a dermatologist to be safe.

  87. Update – My initial post was #89 – I poured boiling water over my ring in a coffee mug and let it sit in there for 15 minutes, then allowed it to dry completely and put it safely away while my finger healed.

    I’ve been wearing it for over a week now with no problems! I am more careful to take it off before washing my hands and allowing my hands to be completely dry before putting it back on and I no longer wear it to bed either – at least until I loose weight again.

    I also plan to re-boil it every month or so as a preventative measure.
    I want to THANK you again for posting this!

  88. just wanted to say that i’ve only been wearing my wedding band for a few days, and already i’ve developed this ring rash…it isn’t just for ladies. πŸ™‚

    i actually started getting it a couple of years back when i was wearing a sterling silver ring, so i stopped wearing it. my wedding band is tungsten carbide, and after only 3 days, the rash has started.

    i think it probably has something to do with moisture underneath the band, but i have no idea.

    however, i did want to add this to the conversation…

    the melting point for gold is 1947.52Ò€‰Â°F…far above the 212Ò€‰Â°F it takes to boil water.

    also, i diamond has a melting point of 3820 degrees Kelvin…that is 6416.6Ò€‰Â°F.

    the gold and diamond bands should be just fine in boiling water. πŸ™‚

    some other melting points…
    tungsten carbide = 5198 °F
    platinum = 3225°F
    titanium = 3034 °F

    white gold is often times yellow gold plated in rhodium…and rhodium has a melting point of 3567 °F

    boil away!!

  89. Leave it to the guy to bring in the scientific information about ring boiling! Haha.

    Thanks, Dave – this is actually good info for those worried that boiling their rings would harm the metal or the jewel!

  90. I get them all the time on my right hand usually on my pointer finger and just inside my pointer and middle fingers. I use a lot of cortizone 10 and elidel to help with the itching
    Best of luck cause i have no idea what it is either

  91. I’m so glad I found this site. I just heard from a friend this weekend that the bump on my finger (which is literally identical to the pic posted) was from moisture caught under my wedding band. I took my rings off yesterday and have been wearing them around my neck until this heals (just put hydrocortisone on it today, hoping this speeds it up).

    I’m definitely going to boil the rings tonight – does anyone have an estimate for about how long it took the blister(s) to heal before they could put their ring(s) back on? I obviously want to wait until they’re completely gone as not to defeat the purpose of making the blisters go away, but at the same time, it’s killing me not to have my rings on!! I hate looking down at my naked finger!

    Also, has anyone tried the original suggestion of vinegar and peroxide? I have both those things but am a little nervous about boiling them – would those fumes be dangerous to breathe in? Is there *any* benefit to the vinegar/peroxide mix over the just-plain-H2O mix?

  92. I had had repeat episodes of this before finding the solution here so I let my finger heal AND waited until the skin was completely soft again before attempting to wear my ring again.

    I didn’t try the peroxide/vinegar, but I did put my ring (white gold vermeil) in a coffee mug and poured kettle-boiled water over the ring (rather than putting my ring on the stove)…

    Worked like a charm and did NOT damage the ring. I am also careful to take the ring off when I wash my hands and before bed at night (at least until I lose enough weight that it’s a looser fit again).

  93. For what it’s worth, I tried the vinegar/peroxide boil last night – DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, KIDS! The fumes were absolutely horrendous (and left some mysterious sludge at the bottom of the pot). I dumped it and did the kettle water in a cup. I’ve only had my ring off for two days so I can’t wear the rings quite yet (though it is looking a bit better with some hydrocortisone cream applied 1x/day), but hopefully it will do the trick.

    Seriously, though, the vinegar and peroxide? Unless you’re boiling it outside, don’t do it. Even with the fan going full blast and the windows open it was awful.

  94. Hi Ladies-
    Like everyone else has said, I am so happy I came across this site! I have been suffering with the same itchy, red, blistery ring finger for about a year now. I too think it must be all the soap, lotion and other gunk that gets stuck under my rings…I have been putting off going to the doctor and I am hoping that the boiling trick will work! I am boiling my rings right now and am going to leave them off for a week to allow my finger to heal. I will let everyone know how I make out. THANK YOU!! I am so thrilled to have found a solution!!! Good luck to you all and thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  95. I had been married for six years before I got this rash. It seems correlated with gardening. It’s not just under my ring–it’s all over my ring finger, but only on my ring finger. And it gets much worse after I touch some plants (Houston).

    I’ll try this boiling business, but I’m skeptical!

  96. Morgan, Just remember, putting your ring in boiling/boiled water fixes the RING because it kills the bacteria or fungus that’s growing wild on it from the moisture being trapped underneath it.

    You will also definitely want to either get a strong anti-fungal cream for your finger and/or see your Dr. Either way, in order the boiled ring to no have any more problems, you’ll need to get that finger completely healed up first.

    Good luck!

  97. :)I am so glad that I came across this site. I have been suffering from this problem for about 3 1/2 months now. I wore my ring for over a year before I developed this rash. I too have healed my finger more than once with ointments only to put the ring back on and have the rash come back. I am definitely going to try the boiling technique and will take the rings off until my finger is completely healed. I will keep posted on the outcome.

  98. Update: My previous posts are #90 and #94. My finger remains rash free since boiling my ring in early April. I can’t beging to express how happy I am that this was an easy and inexpensive (free) remedy.

  99. Thanks so much for your blog entry! Who would have known that you would have had such a tremendous response! I have boiled both my wedding band and engagement ring today… I also had discussed my rash with my mom and she suggested boiling my rings. It was weird because the rash just started after I went to the jeweller to have my engagement ring sized smaller and he cleaned my rings. My fingers are crossed that this works! Thanks again!

  100. I boiled my rings today after reading these posts along with some others I found this morning. I was shocked that so many had the same problem. I have been wearing my platinum wedding band for 10 years, my engagement for 11. Last night, while celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, I had to take the rings off because my rash was back again! I did some googling this morning and boiled my rings. I soaked first in the vinegar/peroxide solution, then boiled for 15 min. in water. I’ll let you know if it works. I will let the rash clear up before I put the rings on but I am dying to know if it worked!

  101. I am happy to hear that it happens to many people. My fiance lives overseas at the moment and I feel bad that I can’t wear my ring.

  102. I only wanted to say that I have the same problem! And I have been looking for an answer for two years now! Even doctors just talk about an reaction to a filler metal but I have a silver and white gold ring that do it!!! It started when I was pregnant. I had bought a silver band because my wedding rings didn’t fit. I thought it was a reaction to the silver. Then last year I wasn’t able to wear my wedding set for about 6 months so I wore a silver a gold mixed ring. It only took about two days for the rash to re-surface! But now My White-gold, chanel set, center stone wedding ring is doing it too! To make it worse my wedding band is a band of chanel set diamonds! I end up with a scarlet band and a horrible itch! The only thing is my rings are actually too big now, so maybe the moving around constantly did it??? But I haven’t worn my rings in about two weeks (because of the rash) I put them on about 5 hours ago and it’s worse than ever. I don’t want to take them off because i’m at work!!! But as soon as I get home I will try the boiling water! I was doing the lotion before but I think I will try some neosporin! Thanks so much for the information!!!

  103. For what it’s worth, I boiled my rings and applied neosporin for about four days but then put my rings back on and the rash came right back. It’s tough to be without my wedding band/engagment ring (they don’t fit on my right hand) but this time I’m waiting until the bump is 100% gone before I try it again.

    Also, I tried the vinegar/peroxide/water boil and the fumes almost knocked me out (with all the windows open and the fan on) and it left some nasty brown scum on the bottom of my pot that I can’t get off. I DO NOT RECOMMEND BOILING VINEGAR + PEROXIDE, even highly diluted.

    For those who kept their rings off/neosporin on, about how long until you could put your ring back on? It’s been about four days for me now and it’s a *little* better but not a ton better. I hate not having my ring on!

  104. For Heather #110 – I don’t think it was the looseness of the rings that did it.. T’was probably the rings themselves still had the bacteria living on the underside… Boiling them and waiting long enough for the bacterial rash to heal completely should work!

    For Jenny #111
    I think I waited about 3-4 weeks just be cautious;.. using Neosporin it was completely gone for about 1 week (but for the VERY slight pink band remaining from too many REoccurances).

    I think it’s important to go without your rings as much as possible while it’s healing – to keep it clean and dry (and not REinfect your rings)… But if the rash embarasses you in public (like it did me), you can layer Neosporin/bandaid/and a plain, flat-backed wedding band over the bandaid (This helps keep the Neosporin on the rash at night too!).

    Once the rash IS gone and you’re wearing your rings again, IF the ring is still a bit snug on your finger, you will want to take it off EVERYtime you wash your hands – making sure your finger and the ring are completely dry before putting it back on.

    And it couldn’t hurt to do the boiling water trick every 1-2 months to prevent the bacteria that caused it all from coming back (Since we now know that when a jeweler “cleans” your rings, they really just *polish* them – and DON’T kill any bacteria/germ build-up).

    After multiple times of dealing with this, I found this site and Thanks to the boiling info and my own prevention steps listed above, I haven’t had any more problems since first boiling my rings.

  105. I am boiling my rings right now!! I really hope this works! I have been wearing my rings for 4 years (since I was 13) and a few months ago i just started to get a rash on my middle finger and the finger next to it. I thought this was really odd as I normally wear 6 rings altogether (All on diffrent fingers) but its only those two that have gone like this. If this doesnt work I think I might try the clear nail varnish trick!! I’m so pleased I am not the only one with this problem. πŸ™‚

  106. You need to go for a couple of weeks without your ring to let it heal properly. Even then I can only wear my rings for about a month and then it starts to come back. As soon as I notice the rash coming again I take my ring off for another week and boil the ring again. This seems to work pretty well and I can wear my rings more than I could before but of course not all the time. So I boil them once a month pretty much. Gets the ring clean and it looks better. I have noticed that the rash/blisters isn’t as bad as it used to be. Good luck!

  107. Kris, if yours is coming back, you may want to try waiting a full 4 weeks before putting your rings back on after the next break-out… And remove the rings anytime you wash your hands until you’ve *completely* dried your hands.
    I had countless re-occurrances of the rash before finding this page… Since boiling my rings in April, I haven’t had any sign of rash (and I haven’t boiled monthly for prevention as I originally intended!)

    The cause of most of these ring rash problems (where you’re NOT allergic to the metal) is due to a bacterial fungus growing on the underside of the ring. If you’re have monthly rashes then you’re not giving your body enough time to completely KILL the bacteria.

    Try a full 4 weeks without the rings and see if that stops the monthly rashes.

  108. I’ve suffered the same problem over the past year. I’m newly married, so it just breaks my heart. I’ve just finished boiling my rings, and I promise to update here in a few weeks when I try it out again (after my finger heals).

    Thank you all for your comments and feedback. I really was going to see the dermatologist tomorrow.

  109. Yeah – so excited to have found this blog. I have been trying all types of solutions – I did the clear polish for a while and that seemed to work but then the ring became so small b/c I was scared to put remover on the ring. I just boiled them in vinegar and water and was able to peel off the polish… I hope this works! I think it defintely happens to people w/ rings that have a chanel type setting so bacteria, etc… gets caught in there. Thanks for all the info!

  110. You don’t need to boil peroxide for it to be an effective antibacterial wash. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2, so boiling it just leaves you with 2x H20 + O2, water and air! All that happens with boiling is that you release the free oxygen faster. This in turn oxidizes (rusts) the pot you’re using leaving you with a more or less permanent brown color in your pot. Peroxide kills bacteria by releasing high concentrations of oxygen which is toxic to most bacteria, so room temperature peroxide is just as effective.

    Don’t boil vinegar either, it just smells horrible. Table vinegar is 5% acetic acid in water. Boiling it just makes 100% acetic acid, which is horrible for your skin (and everything else for that matter) and probably not good to breath the vapors of.

    Boiling with distilled water is probably best as it will kill any infectious bacteria on your ring. If you don’t want to boil, leaving your ring in a cup of (room temperature!) peroxide over night may be just as effective. Vinegar is not as effective as either of the other two options as many bacteria can survive the acid bath.

    In short: boiling vinegar + peroxide = stinky, rusty pot + water, air and goo.

  111. Ladies, thank you for the fabulous advice. I have been married over 14 years, so I know the mysterious rash is not an allergy to commitment. I battled with a rash on my wedding ring for several weeks. I kept thinking it was a bit of moisture under the bands. I would take off my rings for a few days, the rash would get better. I would put them back on and the rash would be back with a vengeance! I am so glad that I found this blog. I took your advice and boiled my rings and set them in my jewelry box for a week while I applied Lamisil athletes foot cream to my finger. The rash disappeared almost immediately. My rings are happily back on my finger sans rash!
    Michelle (Wife of 14 1/2 years and mother of 3)

  112. Me again – no luck… although I didn’t use peroxide, going to try that next. Has anyone tried to have their ring sized up w/ diamonds in the ring and the band? Is it possible?

  113. Be sure to give your finger plenty of time to heal – Wait an extra 1-2 weeks AFTER there’s no sign of the rash (It can lay dormant until you put the ring back on!) before attempting to wear your freshly boiled rings.

    To answer your question about ring sizing up… As long as the diamonds don’t go all the way around the band, then Yes, it CAN be sized up… That was the ONLY solution offered by my jeweler when I was suffering from this. It’s more expensive because you’re paying for the extra gold, platinum, etc. as well as the labor. It won’t cure the bacteria that causes the rash, but if you give your finger enough time to heal, then making your ring more loose will help prevent reoccurrances (Though I’d still be tempted to boil my ring every now and then).

  114. I don’t think it’s just a left-hand finger problem… I suspect that’s just a coincidence… The culprit nearly always seems to be rings with a channel-setting because the underside of that design – when the fit is snug – allows the bacteria to grow.

    It just so happens that more wedding rings than right-hand rings are channel-set.

  115. UPDATE: Success!! I was the previous poster at #116. I gave my finger ten days to heal (ladies – be careful there. After it looked like it was healed, upon closer inspection I could see the old skin flaking off – so give it time), I put my wedding band and engagement ring back on my left finger. My engagement ring has really high channels. I always feel the rash come back within 2-3 hours, and sometimes the burning would even wake me up as I slept. Well, I’ve had my rings on for four days now and NO RASH! I had boiled them for 15 minutes, and the problem is solved. I’m so very thankful for this webpage!

  116. Wow, and here I thought I was the only one allergic to marriage as well…

    I have been wearing my wedding band and engagement ring together for three years with no problem. I moved to another country with a tropical climate and starting working out every day. I also no longer have a dishwasher so I must wash things by hand. And then the infamous ring rash appeared and wouldn’t go away unless I left my rings off for almost a month. It’s gone now but I’m afraid to put them back on!

    I just boiled my rings and hope this works..Afterward I wondered if anyone thought of small inclusions in the diamond might expand more due to the high heat. Has anyone heard of that happening??

  117. I’m dont know what to do. My rash is still there πŸ™ I have tried boiling my rings and leaving the ring off for 4 week but it just doesnt seem to want to go away. I have bought cream for it and everything. Can anyone give me a few other things to try?

  118. I’ve been wearing my wedding bands for over 12 years and just recently, have the SAME problem with the red rash and itching underneath them. I agree that it’s probably a fungal thing from the trapped moisture. My hands are always in water! I’m going to try boiling my rings to kill any crud that might be attached to them and then I’m going to put an antifungal(over-the-counter) cream on my finger and let it heal before putting the rings back on.

  119. Glad to find all these comments. Same story here (maybe longer though) – I have been wearing the same wedding band with no problem for TWENTY-SEVEN years. Suddenly, six months ago – the rash problem. I thought maybe it was down to my husband somehow, but he swears he’s really at the YMCA in the evening. I joined the Y just in case – yep he’s there – just as he said. The ring belonged to my great-grandmother,and I thought maybe she was trying to tell me something from acrross the divide. If so, I haven’t figured it out yet, ’cause I still got this darn thing any time I try to put the ring back on. I’ve let it heal completley and then some, but it develops almost immediately. 27 years!!! I don’t get it. Kate

  120. Wow – incredible! I identified with so many of these posts. I’ve been wearing my rings for 6 years day and night without problems, then suddently this extreme redness & itchiness appears, sometimes getting all puffy. It’s been on and off (mostly on) for the past couple of weeks.

    I noticed some of the trends mentioned that are true for me: I’m still nursing my second child (happened at 11 months of age) so I’m guessing hormones play into this. I do wash my hands a lot, though I have been doing this since my first child 3 years ago without any problems. Weather has been hot and humid since this started which also seems to be a connection for others. And finally, I did soak my ring for over a day in jewelry cleaner shortly before this whole ring mess started, but I’ve washed the ring and my finger and it still persists.

    Well, I’m off to try the boiling approach… wish me luck!

  121. For all of the ladies (and men?) who are having the issue of your wedding rings (or just your everyday ring) creating a red rash that flakes as it heals; here’s the SOLUTION!! Use cortisone cream once daily and keep finger open to air to encourage the healing process. However you want to do it, sterilize your rings with boiling water and allow to air dry. FYI: Usually this happens during the summer months and it is caused by a weak fungus, most often due to the moisture and heat build up. For the few who tried this and were unsuccessful…VITAMIN deficiency is the problem and a multivitamin daily should clear up the problem within a week or so. But remember to NOT*** wear the ring(s) while a sore or blister is still present on your finger…let is heal first!:d

  122. i can’t believe this blog has touched on such a huge issue and is still getting comments over a year later!

    but i wanted to thank everyone for their advice, especially jess (#130). i had suspected that it had something to do with the summertime as well, since my problem only pops up then. the boiling seems to work for me and i also have one of those ultrasonic jewelry cleaners that gets any soap or lotion out of the holes beneath the channel set diamonds. and i make sure to boil it every few weeks as a precaution. i will also try the multivitamin too. it can’t hurt right?

    thanks again, everyone and good luck.

  123. I am glad to report that after boiling my ring, the problem has not reoccurred. I guess my old wedding ring (my gg grandmothers) has enough tiny pits and crevices to hold onto a microscopic pathogen (fungus -as nurse Marissa so kindly educated us).

    I am going to have the ring polished and buffed at the jeweller to smooth out the metal surface. I am very very happy that I can wear my ring again – hopefully for another 27 years!

    Thanks everyone for all of your comments. Kate

  124. UPDATE: I was a previous poster at #116 and #124. Boiling my ring worked perfectly! HOWEVER, it’s been about six weeks, and the rash is just starting again. I’m boiling my ring again and letting my finger heal. The lesson here is to perhaps disinfect once a month. But it definitely works!!!

  125. Jenny~O in Duluth, MN.

    Hello girls….
    When I went to Google and typed in “rash on wedding ring finger” I did not expect to get much of anything – boy was I wrong! I am glad to hear that (well, not really GLAD) but thankful that this has happened to others and the advice given. I have been married for 15 months and couldnt figure why this was happening now suddenly out of nowhere. Same as the rest of ya, red, blistery, itchy mark right underneath where my wedding rings lay. I am going to try the the boiling technique and hydro-cortisone cream and hopefully that will do! Thanks to you all for the advice!:d

  126. I previously posted #107. I can say that the boiling really worked. I also found that sometimes, when I am retaining water and my fingers are a little swollen, my ring starts to bother me again. Drink lots of water and make sure to keep your rings clean ladies!

  127. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!To all the ladies for their advise. My finger has been bothering me for about 3 months now. I hope the cortizone/boiling/vitamins work. My wedding is only 9 weeks away, I’d like to be able to wear my new wedding ring!

  128. Hello Ladies-
    I am very excited to report that my ring finger is back to normal!! I had dealt with itchy, scally, blistering skin on my ring finger for almost a year. It finally got to the point where I could no longer wear my ring. I went to the dermatologist b/c my OTC cortizone cream was having no effect. She told me I had ezema and gave me a cream for it. I did not wear my ring for about 2 wks and applied the cream 2-3 times a day. I did boil my ring before wearing it again. Now, every time I was my hands, I remove my rings first and dry them completely before putting my rings back on. So far, my skin has not broken out again and I couldn’t be happier!! Good luck to you all.

  129. Thank you all for your advice. I live in CA but went to VA last month to visit family. It was very hot and humid and my fingers were swollen. I soon noticed that the horrible rash you have all described was on my ring finger and it itched like crazy. After 7 years of wearing my wedding ring I had to remove it. Just like all of you it would heal and then come back once I put my ring back on. I will try the boiling technique. I am so grateful for this site and to know I am not alone. Wish me luck.

  130. OMG! I was searching to find out what was causing this red, itchy rash…unlike most, it didn’t start with my wedding band, but on my pinky ring. Then it spread.

    I figured it had to be something with the chemicals in the pool we have, but none of the rings on my right had had this issue – I’d thought it was just the new rings on my left hand. (just got married in December) I’ve taken all of my rings off, moved my wedding set to my right hand, and am (IM)patiently waiting for the rashes to heal. In the meantime, I boiled my wedding set before moving it to my left hand. I hope the sanitization technique works, b/c I really miss wearing my rings…

  131. I had my wedding rings for 2 years before I started to get a rash. I thought it was posion ivy at first. But every time I put my rings back on it would come back. I tried every lotion out there to clear it up.

    The only thing that stopped the itching and cleared up the rash was peorixide. I would get a cotton ball soaked in peorixide and rub it on the rash until the blisters broke. It burns at first but the peorixide dries it out quick and stops the itching fast.

    I just got done boiling my rings. I’m going to wait unitl my rash is completly gone before I try to put them back on.

    I hope it works, I realllyyy miss wearing my rings.

  132. I can’t believe how many people have this problem. I got the rash after smashing my hand. It got really swollen and this rash appeared so I took off my rings. It’s been a couple of months and the swelling is compeltely gone but the rash keeps coming back after every time I put them on. The blisters start to puss its so gross… a couple days later it turns bright red and slowly peals for a couple of weeks. The problem is I’m a cosmetologist and my hands are in water all the time every day. I hate not wearing them and if water is the problem it sounds like I dont have a choice. I miss them ! I will try boiling the rings hopefully that will help out a little bit.

  133. Does anyone know if the boiling water tip works on sterling silver? That’s the metal that seems to bother me the most.


  134. I cannot believe that so many other people have this problem! What a relief! I am trying the boiling right now, i really hope this works.. I have been dealing with this off and on for at least a year but, more so in the past seven months since my son was born. πŸ™ I will be soooo happy if this works!:x

  135. I can’t wait to get home tonight and boil my rings! My rash just appeared this week, but it’s already annoying. I remember this happening to my mother and she just gave up wearing rings all together. The blister is still small; I hope it heals fast. has anyone come across any side effects of boiling their rings??

  136. I wore my band for about a year and my rash showed up. It takes one day for the rash to come back after it heals. Then I tried putting lotion on my hands about 3 times a day but it didnt work. I was going to go see a Skin Dr. or something but I thought I would check online first then I saw this picture that looked just like my finger does, I am so happy everyone has saved me money…I am now going to try boiling my white gold ring. If you say it didnt hurt your diamonds I guess mine will be ok too. I am gland I am not the only one out here… THANK YOU!!!!

  137. First of all my thanks to Lisa for posting her problem, and second of all, thank you to Debbie for coming up with a solution to what seems like quite a universal problem (9,095 views!). I just got done telling my friend the other day about my rash. I told her I had this about 30 years ago, and switched my wedding band to a thin one, which seemed to help. For our 25th Wedding Anniversary my husband reset my diamond and gave me a matching wedding band, both with a band of diamonds. Lots of nooks and crannies underneath. About three weeks ago, guess what came back . . . I’ve been wearing the set for seven years. Go figure! I, too, tried soaking my rings overnight in alcohol, jewelry cleaner . . . I am boiling my water right now. Thanks again, Debbie, for sharing your remedy. Looks like you’ve put a bunch of πŸ™‚ on lots of girls faces. By the way, why don’t men get these curses ? ? ? ! ! ! (I think there may be one man in these posts, maybe!)

  138. Okay, so far your suggestion of boiling my ring works, its been about 4 days and no little bubbles on my finger. I might do it once a week or once a month just to be safe…YAY, I’m so happy

  139. Helene, you said “By the way, why donÒ€ℒt men get these curses ? ? ? ! ! ! (I think there may be one man in these posts, maybe!” After posting I went back to read what was said since I posted last. I have to tell you, My Fiance’ has the same problem with the promise ring I got him. He had not worn it in months and I couldn’t understand what was going on why the rash on his finger, till mine came a few moths later. I found this sight and I boiled both of our rings that day. Men get it too

  140. Guys get it, too. I’ve been fighting this for the last couple of months, after not having any problems with my wedding ring for 5 years. Just go done boiling my ring. We’ll see how it goes once my finger heals up, which takes a few weeks. Finding this site and the solution makes me very happy! Thanks!

  141. I too am surprised at all the women with this problem. I also googled ring rash. I saw on the net that 1 in 8 people have a mild allergic reaction to the nickle in white gold. So I thought I had to go to a more expensive band. I mentioned this to my husband (he’s a whiz at finding info on the net) and he sent me this website. I’m in the Navy and underway right now but plan on trying the boiling water as soon as I get back. For now I’ve taken my rings off so the rash clears up. Thanks so much for all the posts.

  142. I was recently married and I too am having the same problem! I went to a jeweler for another reason and showed them, they said it’s because of the water under the ring. Make sure you DRY DRY DRY your hands. Lotion well!!!! Good luck!

  143. I finally did the boiling water trick this weekend. I poured boiling water over my rings about three times and used a q-tip to clean out the crevices under the ring. I wore my rings for an entire day and no rash!!! Thank you so much for the great tip.

  144. I can’t believe how many people have the same problem! Thanks to all the advice, and making me feel like I’m not crazy or feeling like I have leprosy with my scaly itchy ring finger! I have 4 rings, 2 that NEVER give me any problems, and the only ones I got the “ring rash” from were my engagement and wedding rings. I’m so glad it’s not a bad omen. Both engagement and wedding rings are Celtic eternity knots with gaps and cavities for lots of gunk and lotion to get trapped. I thought it was from going canoeing several months ago – wouldn’t surprise me if that’s how it started – thought I got a rash from the nasty water, but it never went away! I’m so glad I found this site!! I had little hope when I googled “red scaly ring rash” and found this – the perfect solution! THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I’m going home to boil my rings tonite – hopefully my finger will be healed soon – it’s been bare about 2 weeks now and it’s looking very lonely without the ring! Thank you everyone!!!:)

  145. I too am amazed at how many of you have this annoying affliction. The ring I’m currently wearing causing the bumps and scaley skin in like a wedding band that fits snuggly to the skin and leaves no room for air pockets. I haven’t had this happen since I was in high school, and that was a REALLY long time ago! I haven’t found the solution yet, but I’ve tried many of the things you’ve all described…. I think letting the finger breath and heal is step #1…

  146. It’s soooo nice to know that someone else out there has the same problems…..I have had this same thing under my ring finger for about 3 months now. I have been married for 7 years so its not like its new to me or anything (wearing the ring) It just all of a sudde one day flarred up. Its goes away and then I put my ring back on and it comes right back. I think it has something to do with moisture build up too. I am going to try to boil my ring as well…Thanks for the advise….

  147. Hi i couldnt get over how many people suffer this wedding ring problem, i to get the blisters and itching ,and have to leave my ring off till it setteles down ,and each time i get the rash it seems to take longer to heal.I only got married 19 months ago but it has been an ongoing problem ,my ring is both silver and gold ,and i wonder if it is allergy to the metall,however im going to try this boiling the ring method and pray it works for me, becouse its a lovely ring ,and i dont want another one to replace it really,but im kind of fond of my finger too,(and hate the itchy sorenes)so hears hoping the boiling method works ,thaks for the advice let you know how it goes. sue

  148. Wow! Can’t believe I found this site. I didn’t realize so many others had this problem too. I will also try the boiling. Thanks for the advice!

  149. The same thing is happening to me on my wedding ring finger. I found this blog and showed it to my husband so that he could see that it wasn’t just happening to me. We were astonished to read that something as simple as boiling my rings in water could remedy this problem. I’ll try this method too. Fingers crossed.[-o<

  150. UPDATE: I posted previously as #116 and #122. My rash was extremely bad for about a year. I’ve not had a rash since I found this website! Anyway, I haven’t boiled my rings on the stove in months. What I do – one the first of every month – is to boil a little water in the microwave. When it’s boiling, I take the cup out and drop my rings in, and set it on the counter until it cools. This sterilizes my rings beautifully, and it’s no bother at all. For the record, I never remove my rings other than this once a month. I’m not careful to dry my fingers. I just wear my rings all the time and when I pay my rent, I sterlize. I hope this tip helps! I’m forever endebted to the info on this site!

  151. Hello there. I’m glad I found this blog archive. My fiance bought me a sterling silver ring from Tiffany’s and I have been getting a rash from it. I tried it on both ring fingers of both hands and I get the same result. The rash doesn’t get red like the one in the picture, but my skin gets inflamed/raised. The itching is crazy too.

    The funny thing is, I have a necklace and a bracelet with the same and exact material as the ring (the necklace and bracelet are also from Tiffany’s).

    I have also worn other sterling silver rings before, but I don’t know what the problem is.

    What should I do??? He just bought the ring for Christmas, and I want to wear it badly!!!!

    Thanks so much!

  152. Sterilize it, Margie.

    I did notice that once I sterilized my rings the reaction stopped for maybe a week. I’m going to sterilize them on a routine basis…like four time a month…until the reaction goes away completely, like it has for the other bloggers.

    Give it a try, it’s worth it even for a week’s worth of releif.

  153. I will try your advice, Nicole. Just one more thing though. The upper layer is made of Titanium (the lower layer is the sterling silver that only touches the skin)

    Is it still okay to sterilize it?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!

  154. I have only tried this with my gold wedding band and engagement ring. It worked for about a week before I noticed that the irritation had come back a bitÒ€¦only a bit, though. IÒ€ℒm going to boil my rings every week until itÒ€ℒs gone for good. This remedy is the only one thatÒ€ℒs given me some sort of relief, allowing me to wear my precious rings.

    You can try a safer method with your rings. Boil water in the microwave first, then let your rings soak in the water for a while (I left mine in for about 20 minutes). You can also ask a jeweler if boiling those particular materials will do any harm to the rings. Good luck

  155. Hi all – I posted back in July and finally got my ring sized up (w/ diamonds in band and ring – but not all way around) and… knock on wood… I haven’t had any trouble. The only reason I’m back on this site is to remember how they recommended to clean bc I haven’t done so in a while. I do remove my rings more often when at home but I think having them sized up just a tad solved my problem… It’s so great being able to wear them again on a regular basis. Good luck to you all – it was very frustrating for a while!

  156. What a relief to see this website! I’ve been married for 16 years and developed this same condition for the first time about four months ago (after 16 years!!!). It cleared up with neosporin and by not wearing the ring for a week, but came back after I started wearing the ring again. I showed my chiropractor the last time I was in to see her. She felt it was a fungal infection due to water trapped under the ring. She advised to disinfect the ring and not wear until the finger had healed again. She also said to take the ring off before washing my hands and drying my hands completely before putting the ring back on. I’m glad to see the comments about boiling in water. I was concerned about damage to the diamond. I will try this and report back. Thanks to you all!

  157. Hey everyone. I had the same problem but not until I started wearing my wedding band, I found out that a lot of metals that are treated to be shiny (ie white gold and platinum) are plated with nickel. Nickel allergies may not show up right away and may take time (a few months) or irritation (washing hand, rubbing of two rings together) to trigger the allergy. Unfortunately, once the rash starts up it comes back easier and easier each time. Boiling the ring may help for a while because it gets rid of possible irritants, but if its an allergy the rash will come back. The solution: get a ring that has no nickel whatsoever. Hope this helps.

  158. The advice on this Blog is great,

    During the summer I rarely took off my wedding ring despite doing a lot of yard work and home repairs. This most likely caused the finger rash to start in September.

    Neosporin does work but you need to use it for at least five days.

    It takes about a week for my finger to heal and one day for the rash to return when I wear the ring.

    Since I only tried to wash the ring and that did not work, I will scrub and boil the ring tonight. If that does not work I will try a Nickel free ring.


  159. thank goodness i stumblied across this! i’ve been a married a few short months and ever since wearing both my engagement and wedding band i’ve had the same problem.
    i’ll try the boiling in water tonight and will check back in-keep your fingers crossed!

  160. I’m like many others in that I’m amazed to find so many others who are having this problem!

    I soaked my rings in 2-pts white vinegar/1-pt hydrogen peroxide overnight, and I just finished boiling them.

    I’ve had my rings off for a week already, but it will probably be a few more weeks until they are healed enough for me to try to wear them again.

    I’ll report back on my results … thanks so much to everyone for all the helpful comments here.

  161. I can’t begin to tell you how much I wish I had found this info sooner. I developed this same itchy red blistery, flaky rash on my finger under my ring (after 8 years of constant wear). I’m a physical therapist and I had been treating a patient diagnosed with scabies (rash caused by a tiny mite which starts in webs of fingers and is really itchy). I went to see my M.D. who automatically assumed scabies and prescribed Premethrin cream (yucky white cream you apply from head to toe for 8 hours). I am also breastfeeding my 10 month old baby so I had to pump and dump the milk and could not touch him during this time. I completed disinfected my house, car, comforters drycleaned, ziploc bagged the toys, wore gown and gloves with all patients, etc. I assumed all was clear and my “scabies” were treated cause the rash went away. 3 weeks later when I started wearing my ring again it starts to get red and irritated again. I then went searching and found this site. I’m boiling water as I type and I hope it works (at the same time I want to scream at all the unnecessary crap I went through). I’m sceptical but very hopeful. I’ll keep you posted.:((

  162. Yippppppeee!

    I’m happy to report back that soaking the rings in boiling water worked, although I ended up doing this five times. Initially, I tried the boiling water twice and then thought, well, in the meantime I’ll wear my rings on my right hand, but then my I started getting an itchy red bump on that ring finger, too!

    I’ve been wearing my rings again for more than a week now with no problem. And while my fingers were healing, I used an anti fungal (Lotrimin) on them, which seemed to help clear up the rash more quickly.

    Great website, so happy to have found the solution and to be wearing my rings again!

  163. I got two rings of my Dad’s after my mother passed away recently. Not sure what metal they are, but it isn’t gold. I think one is silver. Both rings have caused this rash on my right pinky (only finger they fit on). My Gold Wedding Band never caused this; just these two I recently got. I Googled my problem and found this site. I am going to get my finger healed up and boil the rings to see if it works.

    I thought I was allergic to my DAD!!!

    Thanks, everyone!!

  164. :d

    Hi Nicole! It worked! I no longer get any rashes, and the titanium did not get damaged in any way! Thanks so much for your help!

    Take care,

  165. I am so glad to find this site! I have been married for 5 months, and suddenly a couple of months ago this problem happened right after I cleaned my ring with jewelry cleaner. I thought I was allergic to that, but it keeps coming back. I never had any problem until I had my wedding band with the engagement ring. I am going to boil my rings. I hope this helps. Thanks! I don’t feel like I am the only one with some crazy problem now!

  166. Well, it’s been more than a month since I boiled my ring in water and my finger was completely healed. I’ve been wearing my ring for five weeks now with no recurrence of redness or itching. WOO HOO! I will probably continute to boil the ring periodically, but am so relieved to be able to wear my wedding ring again.

    Happy New Year!

  167. I’ve had the same problem for 6 months and during that time had a double by-pass operation, so I was concerned that the ring finger may have something to do with my heart. Of course, my cardiologist looked at me as though I had ten heads when I suggested a connection. Just found this blog today, so plan to use neosporin or hydrocortisone for a week and boil the rings. Will let you know.

  168. WOW… I’ve had this problem on and off for months and its now gotten to the stage where I don’t wear my rings at all because of the itching!

    After reading all these suggestions I’m off to boil my rings! *fingers crossed* lol

  169. I’ve been having the same problem for about 6 months with the same results the other ladies have had. I’m boiling my rings right now and have applied neosporin. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

  170. I occasionally developed little blisters on my fingers as well- quite itchy, but otherwise almost unnoticeable. I did my research and found out it could be something called vesicular eczema. It just comes and goes every couple of years, but there’s nothing you can do about it. It also makes your joints feel stiff until it goes away. Hopefully this is not the problem for anyone else./:)

  171. I have been suffering the same affliction intermittently for over a year now. I went to my DO and a Dermatologist. I received a prescription for a steroidal cream and a good moisturizing hand cream. I used both without success. I take my ring off for weeks at a time which makes me unhappy. I work at a hospital and am constantly washing my hands and using antiseptics, which I thought may be irritating me more???? I will try the boiling technique and pray it works. I love my ring and my commitment!!!! Thanks for the idea.

  172. I had the SAME thing happen to me, looks exactly the same… i was married for 2 years and engaged for one, but this never happend until i got pregnant. I think it could be some type of allergy that creeps up for some reason… in my case, hormones.. in yours, im not sure? maybe new detergent?

  173. My wife and I both have this “rash”, I haven’t wore my ring in 6months and still have the rash and blisters which come and go every day. My wife has it covering her whole right hand and doesn’t wear any rings on that hand. Hope some of these remedies work.

  174. I had this problem for many years and developed dermatitis from it. My left hand looked like an 80 year old. Specialist gave me 10% cortisone cream and charged me a fortune. Then I got a nail infection and had to take Lamisol tablets. Miracle – nail grew back and my dermatitis disappeared. It’s been 15 years now and I can wear my wedding ring without any problems. I think you will find that it is some kind of fungal dermatitis.


    I read every single post on this site after my wedding ring finger developed the dreaded rash from my white gold engagement and wedding band. I had the same issue where I’d take it off for a week or two until the rash went away, only to have it reappear only hours after putting it back on.

    I just wanted to report back that I tried boiling the rings and it works!!! I waited 3 months before coming back on here to report it so I could be sure it works. I boiled them on the stove and then let them soak in a bowl of the boiling water. I took a soft toothbrush to clean them and you should have seen the gunk that came out of it!!! I was horrified. It seems that indeed there was a fungus on my rings. As others mentioned I also had a channel setting eternity band which means there are grooves on the underside. Those grooves apparently harbor the fungus, especially if yours is tighter fitting like mine. I didn’t realize how much moisture would get trapped in there from handwashing, doing dishes, etc. I never thought to take them off and dry my rings. Now I know.

    I did follow the advice to completely let my finger heal before putting on the boiled rings. An added bonus is that the boiling makes your rings REALLY sparkly. My girlfriends all do it now to make their rings look great. It’s been 3 months now and my finger is still 100% fine.

    I continue boil them once a week to be safe, but it’s more to make them sparkle! I hope others try this and find success!

  176. After getting a rash under my ring a couple of times, I realized that it was caused by peeling MANGOES and not washing my hands thoroughly. Now I remove my rings when I wash my hands and I haven’t had the rash again. Mangoes are related to poison ivy, so people with poison ivy allergy may also be sensitive to the oils in the mango skin. Eating a fresh mango can also case a lip rash.

  177. i dont wear any rings but have this problem…i dont think it actully has anything to do with rings….i get it on both fingers closest to my thumb on oth hands.

  178. Just wanted to thank everyone for their input. My husband was not able to wear his wedding ring since we were married – one and a half years. It was really starting to worry me in case it was a sign that he was not committed (or something) anyway I told him about this website and he put his ring in a cup of boiled water and then used a toothbrush to scrub the inside of the ring with tea tree oil. He also makes sure to take the ring off when he is washing his hands and only puts it back on when his finger is completely dry. I too waited to make sure it had really worked before I came back on here but its been over a month and it hasn’t come back. So thankyou very much to everyone!

  179. Well, I’ve had my ring since 2000 and have worn it everyday since then. I took it off when taking a shower and sometimes at night if I remembered. I went to a DR. when I developed the same rash as you.. and it never affected my right hand either.. the Dr. said it was a nickel allergy. Most rings have a combination metal factor.. even platinum. Sometimes it takes years to develop this allergy as it did me. That’s why it hasn’t bothered my right hand. There is a special dip that the jeweler can put on it. It lasts five years or so.. another bit of advice I’ve gotten was to put clear nail polish inside the ring.. I haven’t tried either one yet.

    Good luck to both of us!

  180. Thank you so much everyone, for this information. I have been married almost 18 years, and this is the first year that I have experienced a rash under my wedding band. Each time I removed the band, the rash dried up and went away, only to return shortly after I began wearing it again. (I was actually afraid that somehow it was some sort of systemic symptom of breast cancer coming back after many years, and so it was not only annoying, but frightening!!!–It was either that, or my husband was finally getting the better of me!!)
    I will now breathe a HUGE sigh of relief, go home and boil my ring.
    Thank you, thank you SO much again everyone–I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to read your messages.

  181. I have these two rings I wear all the time, one is 10K white gold and the other 14K white gold. I’ve been wearing the 10K for about 4 or 5 years, and the 14K for a year and a half. All of a sudden this summer the rings make my skin break out. They never use to bother my skin at all! I heard that this is caused by soap or lotions getting under the rings, and irritating the skin. I take them off now when I go to sleep or take a shower, (previously to the outbreaks/rashes I did not.) The ‘ring rash’ is a red, itchy, raised blister all the way around my ring finger. I brought them into the jewelry store & they said sometimes the white gold wears away and the β€˜filler’ in it is what irritates some peoples skin. They sent them in to a place to β€˜re-immodiazie’ them & said that coats it w/a new layer of white gold & that helps some people who this happens to. Cost me about $70 to do this! Got them back just last week, put them on & everything was great. Now today, only a few days after getting them back, I wore them for probably a half hour and already my skin is welting, has a rash on it, and itches. I am going to try the boiling method that so many of you are talking about.. hope this works! I’ll update on what results I get πŸ™‚

  182. OMG!! I can’t believe that I stumbled across this site, it is exactly what I am experiencing right now!! I figured there would be something on the internet, but I guess I found the needle in the haystack of sites. I first noticed this really itchy rash after forgetting to take off my ring before surfing. I was in the ocean for about 30 minutes before I decided to go back to the car to take off the ring, but ever since, I have experienced this rash. I will def. try the boiling technique…….sounds simple enough. Thanks everybody-

  183. God, what a relief to find this page!

    And even more of a relief to find at least one other bloke’s name on here!

    I’d been wearing my engagement ring for over a year and my wedding ring around four months when this suddenly started affecting me and has been ever since. Interestingly I’d noticed my ‘Weddingitus’ as my wife and I have christened it(!) got worse each time I gardened/washed up…

    …I will boil my rings tonight and post up my verdicts once I’m wearing them again!

  184. Wow. Like others, I am incredibly pleased to have found this website. I’ve been married 2 months and there is a very itchy rash underneath my platinum wedding band. It itches so much that in the night I have accidentally scratched my finger raw! Very painful. The fungal stories have scared me senseless, so this evening I will be careful to thoroughly boil my ring and hope it never happens again.

    Thanks guys!

  185. The boiling of rings works, but you have to do so every few months. Or it will come back after a while. To prevent my finger from ever blistering up, I just boil + clean every 2-3 months now. I just put them in the microwave for a few minutes, I am kind of scarred to use the stove top as it may get too hot too quick. I don’t know what causes this, because I wear rings on both hands and It only happens with my wedding ring, which is the most expensive and higher gold percentage.

  186. Don’t worry, it’s just a nickle reaction. Get you some hydrocortizone cream and put it on before putting your rings on. I have the same problem and this method works for me!

  187. UPDATED: I boiled plain water on the stove, and then poured the water into a coffee cup. I placed my rings inside and left them there for 15 minutes. I put the rings back on, and NO RASH! This trick really does work. I am so thankful I found this site!!!

  188. It is an allergic reaction to certain metals. I have had this issue for 20 years. The only metal that I can wear is white gold. I was 25 before I tired to get me ears pierced again because the first time when I was 10 or 11 was horrible! They would never heal! My husband insists that “surgical steel” should not cause a problem but it did and it has! It is truly an allergic reaction!!

  189. I had the same thing happened to me before and again now (just saw it last night). (BTW, thanks for taking a picture of it, it really helps!!) It may be due to sweat or water or too much moisture (lotion) collecting on that finger while I have my ring on that caused it and it could be working out with my rings on. My ring finger seems so bare without my rings. Before I tried Cortaid cream and I am going to do that again. And this time, I will also leave my rings in boiled water. I don’t feel comfortable about actually leaving my rings on the pot with boiling water, because I am worried for the little diamonds coming off that are around my wedding band. I hope it works like it did for the others on this site. For the records, I have 14K and 18K White gold.

  190. I was hesitant to post here, but I was a bit daunted because all the posts of people with issues seem to be female! *sulks*

    At any rate, I, too, have this problem.

    I bought a tungsten ring on vacation in Cozumel for a GREAT price. I wore it the entire week on the cruise, but shortly after returning home: tiny blisters and redness! Now, this had me puzzled because none of mine are cobalt-free (nickel was used as the binder instead).

    I definitely must try the boiling technique as tungsten carbide won’t have any problem withstanding that little bit of heat.

    Just out of curiosity, does the ring need to be boiled often or just once? Any feedback would be helpful! πŸ™‚

  191. I actually found out yesterday at my local jewelry store why my wedding ring is doing this. Recently, I got on a new medication for a bacteria I have, and changing/getting on new medication can make you have different reactions to metal. She told me that it will keep happening until I am off the medication… Next week it should be cleared up!

    Anyone else that has posted on a new medication?

  192. for those of you that had success with boiling your ring…did you just use water or did you use the peroxide/vinegar combo?

  193. Hi again, updating after a few weeks: The boiling of the water trick works but looks like its going to have to be an ongoing process. It lasted about a month or so for me.

  194. Ashley: I just used plain water.. boiled it on the stove, poured the water into a coffee cup, placed my rings in it, and let them sit for a while.

  195. I boiled mine in plain water and it’s been more than a year with no recurrence. I think the key is to make sure that when you wash and dry your hands, you also dry your ring off as well (i.e., remove it and dry the inside of the ring also). As I said, it’s been more than a year since I boiled my rings and I’ve had no recurrence.

  196. I placed my ring on the pot after the water boiled for 15 mins. And then I sprayed alcohol on it. Do you have to take off your ring at night? when you wash the dishes?

  197. I think it’s a matter of personal choice. I think the key is to make sure when you’re done washing the dishes, bathing, etc. (i.e., anytime your hands get wet), that you make sure that you completely dry your finger and ring when you’re finished. Also, I’m not sure spraying alcohol on it is necessary. I don’t know if that could be damaging to the metal…? Just wait until your finger is completely healed (could be 1-2 weeks), boil your ring, and then see what happens. Good luck!

  198. πŸ˜€ at last an answer to my problem… Ive started having the same problem while wearing my engagement ring and eternity ring, i began swapping the rings over to my right hand at night which has resulted in the same problem on my right hand too and no healing up really on the left hand… Anyway im going to stick my rings in my baby’s steam steriliser and see if that will have the same effect as boiling! πŸ˜€ thankyou people! πŸ™‚ x

  199. 😑 Hi all, I am so glad to have found this blog, I thought it was just me having this problem and I thought it was some kind of negative sign for past sin’s. So Thank you all for taking the time to write something in this blog.

    God Bless x:*

  200. I believe this is actually not a rash, I think it’s a fungus as gross as it sounds. At first I thought it was a rash due to trapped soap and water under my rings, but then it sort of spread a little bit and when I put some hydrogen peroxide on it, the blisters turned white and burned like crazy! I’m pretty sure it’s a fungus.
    Thanks for the tip on boiling the rings, although I’m afraid to damage the metal. Now I just have to figure out how to get rid of this nasty thing on my finger asap.

  201. Trish aka Cookie Lady

    After having skin allergies ALL my life (40 yrs) I’ve had every treatment known to man/woman!

    I’ve enjoyed reading EVERY SINGLE POST and since I have hard water I decided I would put my rings in the coffee pot and brew with the filter to keep from getting any hard water deposits on my rings.

    I’ve worn my rings for 10 and 5 years, same wedding ring rot as the rest of you. However, I thought it was purely from my allergies and have just dealt with it!

    Many years ago I was seen by half a dozen dr’s with MANY treatments because my hands were bloody and raw and itching…to no avail… until I suggested it might be an allergy. They had tried everything else they could think of including steroids and P-uva treatments (very similar to chemo) so they agreed to do allergy testing (they did not think it was allergies!) needless to say after testing highly positive for 96 out of 106 possibilities and getting a total of 16 different shots 3 times a week my hands were finally normal after only 2 weeks!!! YEAH!!!!!! I had lost 4 nails in the 9 month saga and they all grew back! The dr’s were no longer skeptics and I could pick up a pen again!

    The doctors also believe that it had to do a bit with hormones since I had a child. Well, it started again after my hysterectomy 3 yrs ago… I quit taking hormone replacements because it was bothersome, think I’ll start taking them again so I can wear my rings!?!

    This site helped me to remember to take care of myself.

    Thanks to ALL of you

  202. I have been having the very same problem for several months now. I even went to the dermotologist and they weren’t able to give me an answer. Prior to this happening, I have worn my rings for about 3 years with no problem. I cannot wait to go home and try the boiling method!!! I hope it works because I haven’t been able to wear my beautiful wedding rings for about 4 months. I hope and pray this works! πŸ™‚ Thanks everyone!

  203. Wow!!! I am amazed at how many people suffer from this. I thought i was alone. I have been married since May and i just now started with this “ring rash” it is exactly how you guys have described. I have a son who is still in diapers. My mom is telling me that it could be from his urine. Only thing i don’t understand is how i would get that much urine on my hands. Also i wash my hands like crazy so how is the urine doing it if i wash my hands right after changing him. I am beginning to be very aggravated with this whole situation.Also someone was telling me that you can get your rings coated. Whatever that means. I think i will try the boiling water technique and see if that works. Thank you all for the advice. Good Luck.

  204. Thank you so much for the tip. I got the same exact “ring rash” around my finger a week or two ago. I thought it was an allergy, since I am allergic to pretty much everything under the sun. I was so upset when I got the rash because I felt like if I didn’t wear my ring, it would bring bad luck to the relationship. I definitely have to try this boiling water trick. Thank you for the advice, and good luck to all of you who also suffer from the same “ring rash.”

  205. thank you for the posts. however, i have the rash only on my right hand pinky finger. i have never worn a ring on this finger.. anyone else specfically having just this problem?

  206. i have the same problem. I have been getting it for a few weeks now, me and my wife have been married for 7 months now, but i have had a ring from her on that finger for 2 years before i received my wedding is caused by moisture! nothing more. it is because the skin cannot breath under the ring so fungus (alot like athlete’s foot) grows, it like moist dark warm areas to multiply. tinactin! the best friend you can have! it is made for athelets foot and other fungi. use the cream not the spray. use it twice a day until it goes away ( about 2 weeks)and after that use it once every few days. also when you wash your hands, or get them wet for any reason, take the rings off ,dry your hands then put the rings back on, if moisture gets trapped under the ring it will only come back. hope this helps!

  207. Has anyone tried having their jeweler fill in the holes in the underside of their channel se ring so it will lay flat against their finger??

    1. Amanda, I’m with you. I have a channel set ring, three little princess cut diamonds in 18ct gold. Wore it for a year and a half before the dreaded (and obviously common) finger-lurgy set in. Have done many of the things suggested hear, also soaking the ring in surgical spirit after washing it… Everything works temporarily, but the permanent solution to this is obviously to get the ring filled in. I am looking into this, apparently the diamonds may be damaged by heat, so the options are unclear.

  208. I’ve boiled my rings and am waiting for my finger to heal so I can wear them again. How long did everyone wait? Mine is mostly healed after a little over a week but it is still very dry and flaky. Is it safe yet???

  209. This has happened to me as well, and it wasn’t due to a metal allergy, but a buildup of soap and moisture (possibly leading to some bacterial/fungal infection). I’ll have no problems with my ring, until one day I find the skin under the ring is red, swollen, and flaky. When the rash was very bad, I would also develop small blisters as well. The rash is painfully itchy, so much that it can wake me up in the middle of the night and makes me want to tear off my ring immediately.

    When this happens, I take my ring off and the rash usually goes away very quickly. By the next day, it doesn’t itch as much, by day 2 or 3, most of the redness and flakiness has gone away. After a week, the skin looks normal again. Even if the rash is completely gone, DO NOT put your ring back on. Wait at least 2 weeks to ensure every last trace of the rash/infection is gone. Before putting your ring on, make sure you disinfect it. I soak the ring in a mixture of 1 part Hydrogen Peroxide and 2 parts plain white vinegar. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes, and then boil the ring in plain water for another 15 minutes. I usually string up my ring and dangle it from a wooden spoon so that it won’t touch the bottom of the pot and get too hot.

    Now, the ring is disinfected AND clean. (The diamonds are so sparkly again!) I recommend doing this step every month, to avoid having the rash come back. I got lazy and my rash came back after 7 months.

    Here are some conditions that make it likely to be a soap/bacterial/fungal rash and not a metal allergy:

    – Ring is platinum (though even some platinum can contain alloys that cause allergies, this is much more common in white gold. This infection can easily happen with any type of ring, but allergies are less common with platinum ones.)
    – Ring fits snugly (I did not have an issue until I got my ring resized to be smaller after almost losing it.)
    – Stones use a channel, or low-profile, setting. (The holes on the underside of the ring can trap moisture)
    – Rash occurs on the right side of the finger (towards the middle finger, or on the left side if the ring is one the right hand). This is probably because the moisture is more easily trapped on the higher side of the ring.
    – You don’t take off your ring when washing hands, showering, cleaning dishes, exercising, etc.

    It seems that many people also start experiencing this issue when pregnant or shortly after giving birth. That didn’t apply to me, but I wonder if people start washing their hands much more often after having a baby (all those diaper changes!) or if bloating is making their rings fit more tightly. I wonder also if pregnancy causes the body to react more strongly to potential irritants. No idea, this is just a theory on my part.

    Good luck! Try the vinegar/peroxide solution. It worked for me.

  210. Thanks! I waited about two weeks until my finger looked completely normal and have been wearig my rings now for a couple days with no problem. Although I’m not going to wear them to the gym or in the shower or at night anymore. My issue had nothing to do with having a baby either so I don’t think I was washing my hands any more or less than before but I have put on about 5 marriage pounds since the wedding about six months ago and I wonder if that hadn’t made my rings a little tighter.
    FYI, my rash was only on the right side og my finger too and my wedding band is channel set but my engagement ring is not so this makes a lot of sense since I didn’t have a problem until after I started wearing both!

  211. Hi All! I was reluctant to google anything like “blisters on ring finger” b/c I was sure not much would come up! Thankfully I was wrong! Thank you for this thread and all who have commented and given advice and info.

    I have been wearing the same wedding ring for over 5 years and have never had anything like this happen. I took my ring off about 2 weeks ago and noticed it was red and flaky…like it was peeling almost. I had no idea what it was and assumed it would go away. It hasn’t though! I took my rings off for a little less than a week, it got a little bit better and last night I put neosporin on my finger with a bandaid over it and then wore my wedding bands only to wake up this morning with my finger itching worse than it ever has. After reading everyone’s posts, I think the reason has to be – for me anyway – b/c I wash my hands all the time and I also shower with my rings on. Really the only time I take my rings off is when I put lotion on my hands but then the other half of the time I put lotion on I keep my ring on. Plus, in the summer time or when the weather warms up my fingers swell and my rings get tighter. So these things combined: getting soap and/or lotion and/or shampoo and conditioner caught under my rings with my hands not completely drying plus my rings being a bit tighter lately = an annoying blistery rash on my ring finger!

    I am going to try boiling my rings but I guess there’s really no point in doing that until the rash clears up or until I can wear my rings again, right? I’m also having my husband pick me up some lamisil or tactin…do you all think I should try that instead of neosporin?

    Thanks to you all! I’m so glad I’m not alone!

  212. I do also want to mention in my before post when I said “and last night I put neosporin on my finger with a bandaid over it and then wore my wedding bands only to wake up this morning with my finger itching worse than it ever has.” I want to add that I also washed my hands like 4 times last night w/out drying my hands thoroughly. So I’m sure that’s what caused the rash to get worse by this morning.


  213. :d I was also a bit nervous about googling about the blisters on my wedding ring finger. My husband of 10 years said it was probably just an allergic reation… I couldn’t figure out why just my wedding bands were causing it when I wear earrings and other gold rings. Then I found all of you, what a reassuring feeling to know that it wasn’t just in my head or something horribly wrong. I’m going to boil my rings ASAP! Thanks for all the help…married sisters in arms LOL.

  214. Hello all! So, I soacked my rings in vinegar and peroxide for 15 minutes but didn’t boil the rings b/c…well…it just seems like boiling wedding rings is something you just shouldn’t do. πŸ™‚ Plus a friend of mine called her jeweler and they said to NOT boil my rings. I’m not sure if the jeweler understood that I wasn’t going to let my rings sit on the bottom of the hot pan – anyway, I didn’t boil them…just soaked them like I mentioned above. Well, everything was going fine for a week or so. I was washing my hands like normal but not taking my rings off when washing my hands, just trying to be careful about drying them a lot better than I had before. Well my finger started getting red again! UGH! No blisters or anything like before b/c I knew to take my rings off immediately and to not wear them again until it heals. It’s been about 4 days and I’m going to try soaking my rings again and then putting my rings back on tomorrow or Friday. I just wash my hands so often I hate to think I will have to take my rings off everytime I wash my hands. It’s just frustrating b/c for years I wore my rings AND washed my hands all the time and everything was fine…why is it different now!?!?!? Anyway, just wanted to update my situation. πŸ™‚

  215. A strange situation to be exact, most likely in the gold clause is a result of this not only in the rings, gold jewelry, all this has in fact, even in the neck or swelling itching a lot of lives have cild, accordingly, if you probably do not like jewelry, a structure exists. (bad English iΓ§ib apology ):”>

  216. Hi there…. so glad I found this site. I started having this problem with my channel set wedding band. I boiled it as others had recommended, and it seemed to work for awhile. What I have found that really gets rid of the rash is hand sanitizer! Target brand, is the best, I’ve found. I apply it about 3-4 times a day on the bumps. Anyway, I’m still boiling the ring. I only get the rash about once every six months now or so, and as soon as I see any redness, I remove my ring immediately and apply the sanitizer. Good luck ladies!

  217. Obsorbine Jr.will get rid of most rashes pretty fast a couple of days,I have a rare form of psorisis so I know all about itching,and have the same problem with even things like the glue on bandades.Best thing to do in the ring situtation is wear the ring until you start getting the rash,remove the ring and scratch the hell out of the rash,then apply the osorbine jr. it will burn,after it clears up, repeat,within a couple of weeks youll notice it taking longer to break out,and in about six or eight weeks you should notice youre wearing the ring with no problems.Also try not to dwell on it,its been my experience that ignoring a problem with the skin after youre done with treatment makes alot of differance.

  218. Itchyringfinger

    Heehee its interesting to have found this post indeed…I dont have a solution to the irritation which I have as well after wearing my rings for a few years, however the only insight I do have to the itchy red flaky skin is that I did not get fat but my rings shrunk *cough* the only time my skin under my wedding rings gets irritated is when I am retaining water and have a harder time getting them off. Lack of oxygen to the skin bc the rings are tighter is what has caused mine. think of how your skin goes after wearing a bandaid-but remove any oxygen to the skin. I find that taking my rings off and letting the skin breath for a day or so takes care of it.

  219. Sounds like it could possibly be some kind of fungal infection. It probably has nothing to do with your ring, since it doesn’t do it on your other hand, you can’t have allergies in just one place. It may even be as simple as a bug bite, you may have been allergic to the insect. Who knows, good luck.

  220. Hello Everyone!

    I am so glad, like everyone else, that I found this site. I acutally wore a very old silver ring one night while going out(I think I bought it like 10 years ago or even longer) and ever since then everytime I wear any type of ring ,on my ring finger,I get the “ring rash” Like everyone else it is so horrible…I have been dating my boyfriend for four years…and we are finally getting engaged and of course I have this “ring rash” problem. I am so worried that when I get the ring I wont be able to wear it!!! I have been waiting so long!! I hope since it is a new ring w/o any bacteria that It will be fine. Does anyone have this problem with any brand new rings or just ones they have been wearing for a while.

  221. I have had the same problem with my rings. My jeweler said it was a nickel allergy. Apparently, in order to mnake silver/platinum more shiny they actually plate it with Rhodium. After you have worn either silver or platinum jewelry for a while, the plating starts to wear off and your skin is exposed to the nickel that is present in the jewelry which causes this type of allergy. The jeweler sent them off to be replated, which they said should be done usually about once a year. It makes sense for me because I have the same type of problem with some earrings and when i had my belly button pierced. I will get them back in 10 days. I hope this helps, I hate not wearing my wedding rings.

  222. Well, I have had this issue too, and boiled and alcohol’ed and cleaned, etc… and I know it is the bacteria in the channel setting in the ring. it works for a shor ttime, but It’s getting old quick. I have to boil every month or it comes back… SO, my question is..

    HAS ANYONE TRIED TO CLOSE UP THE LATTICE AREA AT THE BACK OF THE CHANNEL? I think I need to bump up a 1/4 or 1/8 sz and then close it up. Anyone else try that? Did it help?

    I say that because even when I am red and bumpy, I can wear my engagement ring, but the wedding band is what causes the problem. Just looking for a solution. Thoughts?

  223. I’m so excited to have found this!! What a simple solution, and what a relief! I’m getting married in 5 weeks or so and I’ve been heartbroken about not being able to wear the engagement ring that my fiance gave me that I love and am SO proud of. I too will be indebted to this site if it works, I’m boiling my rings tonight and I’m bookmarking the page so that I’ll remember to come back and give an update if it works. I feel optimistic that it will, with all the other success stories here. Thank you so much!

  224. hi ladies i am a guyi have been married since august of 2001 i also get this nasty rash or whatever it is i can’t wear my weding ring for more then a day, and i break out with the nasty little blisters, i noticed taht alot of you ladies are having problems with the ring finger just wondering if most of your are left handed? maybe that is the causebecause you use taht hand more, just a though, anyway i use alcohol on my finger to dry the blisters out, i may just get a ring tatto πŸ™‚ gold is over rated anyway, anyway gl people hope you find a salution

  225. I’m glad to find that I’m not alone. But not happy that we have no diagnosis. I came down with it first … now my husband has it, too. And I just found a spot between my toes (left foot of course). Anyone out there with some medical training? Is it possible that this is contagious? I have gained a few pounds since getting married 3 years ago, but this started happening just a few months ago.

  226. πŸ˜• I have been dealing with this issue since I was in high school with my class ring. It would happen in phases. I have a really nice set of wedding rings that I miss wearing so much, but I am this moment soaking my rings in boiling water. For those of you who hate to go without a band or your spouse hates that you do I would try a stainless steel wedding ring. I work in the medical field as a cna so hand washing is a constant along with cleaning solutions. I have never had a reaction to the stainless ring. I put my nice rings on here and there and usually within a few hours the rash is back so I save those times for special occassions. I would suggest ordering online at amazone I bought a stainless for me and my husband that match and paid around $30 for both rings. My husband never liked his gold band has been wearing stianless most of our marriage. But I still have hope to find a way to wear my dress rings when I am not working. Thanks for the tips.

  227. Wow – I am so excited to have found this site! I have been married for almost 12 yrs… Two years ago my husband bought me a channel set anniversary ring, and then this past summer out of the blue I started getting the same rash you have all described! I am so glad that I am not alone! LOL!! I cannot wait to try the boiling method. My finger is on the mend, and I will definitely wait until it is 100% healed! Thanks for sharing, and for the advise… I will report back to let you all know if it worked for me as well!!!

  228. UPDATE: IT WORKED!!! I poured boiling water over my ring and let it sit in the water for a bit then repeated three more times (just for good measure). Now I have been wearing my ring for 4 days now with no sign of the rash! YIPEE!! I am so excited, and plan to do the boiling method monthly to prevent it from happening again. Thank you for all your posts and insight – :0)

  229. I got married August of 08….I wore the engagement ring for a year, then the set for a year with no problems. All of a sudden, about 2 months ago, my finger turned bright red, I got these little tiny blistery looking bumps, out of nowhere! I tried EVERYTHING! I tried two different kinds of fungus cream. I soaked my rings in alcohol. I’ve applied cortizone, neosporin, even diaper rash rub, and NOTHING works! I found a friend last night who experiences the same problem, and she said to try a medication for poison sumac – turns out she has contact dermatitis, and her doctor told her to try it out, and she said it’s the only thing that works for her. I’m going to go and get some today, and will let you know if it works.

  230. I’m so glad to find this! I’ve been having problems with my wedding/engagement rings for the past couple of months. I thought it had started in the summer from bloating and my rings being tight, although I kind of suspected it had something to do with bacteria because the rash on my finger reminded me of athlete’s foot. I’ve tried using hydrocortisone without wearing my rings for a week at a time and it clears up, but it always comes back as soon as I wear my rings again. I will be trying the boiling trick tonight for sure!!!!

  231. hey i have the same problem 2 i have a white gold engagement ring n last few wks its bn driving me mentalall round my finger was like the ring has bn eating away at my skin n nw im left with sores right round my finger that itch like crazy so yes thanks guys im gna boil my ring 2

  232. Well, the poison sumac thing didn’t work. I finally went to my doctor, and he said that it’s eczema, which has progressed to a point that requires prescription strength cream. He prescribed a steroid cream for it, and after only 4 days, it’s about 90% better!

  233. This was very helpful. I have been having trouble with little blisters that go 1/4 of the was around my ring finger…very itchy and painful. I’ve been married for over 13 years and just recently started having this problem. I’m going to try the tips I found here and am also considering getting my enlarged. Seeing as to how I’ve gained weight and this may be limiting the air flow under my ring and causing the problem. Thanks!! 😑

  234. I am soaking my rings in boiling water as i type! I have been going crazy thinking the jeweler messed up my wedding band when i had it sized but after reading this i am thankful that i am not the only person walking around w/bright red blisters on my finger!

  235. I have had a similar rash to what you are all describing. I feel like compared to the picture provided mine is a lot worse. I can’t find anything anywhere on how to help. It has been developing for 6 weeks. It is from nuckles to middle nuckle and all the way around finger just red and blisters and dry skin always flaking away. The skin is tough and raised. I stopped wearing ring right away on account I couldn’t bare it rubbing on the blisters. Now I strap myself up with Neosporin or Eucerin cream and rap it in gauze because its the only thing that will wrap all the way around finger. One day it was completely gone. I woke up and it was back worse than ever. I am not sure what could be the cause it is getting progressively worse every day with no ring there. I do work with sanitizer a lot at my job which irritates it like crazy. My hands are always wet at work and soaking in hot water due to dish washing at a restaurant. I can’t even keep it moisturized long enough before the next soaking. This has become embarrassing and feels horrible. It’s hot and burns and itches and I am hoping something with make it stop. I wore my wedding ring for a year and a half and no problems. Then like a week before I start this new job it starts. I just want to have it back to normal. I too have the wedding ring with gap inside for diamond setting and my friend too compared it to ringworm but I don’t see similarity at all! Well, God will provide a solution for all of us! I am praying for a fast recovery! God Bless.

  236. I have been engaged for almost a month now and I developed this rash on my finger. The bumps on my finger are raised just like the picture and I felt so bad because I got the rash about 2 weeks after getting engaged. I never took my ring off because I loved it so much and then I developed an itchy rash. I took my ring off for a week then started wearing it again and 3 days later, I again have a rash. I’m going to try boiling my ring right now and see how that works. Thanks for all the tips it helped tremendously!

  237. I get this to but not all the time, sometimes it seems if i dont take my ring off it does, it happens randomly, its very irritating!!

  238. It seems like if i dont take it off when i wash dishes sometimes, but it doesnt happen all the time, n hasnt happen until couple of yrs ago, help i wanna ware it soo bad!!

  239. I know the signature itching and bump well! I have an allergic reaction to all nickel and other lesser quality metals. Normally the reaction takes a couple of weeks to set in, then it itches like MAD and begins to eat away at the skin like acid (thus the bubbling and itching bumps).
    100% sterling silver doesn’t seem to bother me. Otherwise it has to be 12k gold or higher.
    If you want to save some money and not wear gold here is a little trick. All rings (even the stuff you find in JC Penny or other dept. stores) will have a number stamped somewhere on the inside of the band.
    The number #925 is the number for 100% sterling silver. When my husband buys me jewelry he always looks for this number on the inside of the band and there’s never been a problem.

  240. My wife just a this problem (white gold/paladium alloy), only 3 months after we got married. We guessed it had something to do with the humidity, so we tried over the counter jock itch spray. Worked like a charm. It just seems to be fungal, so jock itch/athlete’s foot medications should clear it up.

  241. You’re right, it still ranks high! Loving the WordPress Website Design for Dummies book.

    I suppose it’s possible to get this information all over the web, but it’s just too darn hard to keep track of everything. This book is exactly what I needed!

  242. I got engaged nearly a year ago and have only been able to wear my ring a couple of days a month because of this. I am SO glad I am not alone, because the jewlers are annoyed with seeing me back in there so much. We’ve tried resizing it 3 separate times, re-plating it, and removing the beading on my ring (on the side closest to the bottom of my finger). Talk about frustrating!

    I’m going to let it heal up and boil the crap out of my ring. I would like to be able to wear my engagement ring for once!

  243. I have read EVERY one of these comments and I also have the disgusting ring rash! (Only on right side of my ring finger between ring and middle finger) I have only been engaged 5 months and would like to figure out this problem before I go ahead and buy my wedding ring in case I am allergic to the metal. Mine is 14K white gold and I am SO nervous to boil it. My fiancΓ© told me if I boil my ring that I could go sleep at my mothers house ha. But I’m going to try it in a coffee mug once my finger heals up because I would like to wear my ring again, especially because its so new and I waited so long to have it! πŸ™‚

    I do not remove my ring when I wash my hands but I don’t sleep in it, or shower in it either. I am a nurse during the day and I bartend at night a couple nights a week so I am constantly washing my hands or have them submerged in water. I’m going to try to not wear my ring when I bartend (even though that’s when I want to wear it the most), take it off when I wash my hands and dry my hands well, and boil the ring once my fingers heal…ill let you know how it goes…

  244. Two months ago I found this thread and was relieved to find out I wasn’t the only one with the itchy/raw rash under my ring finger. At that point I followed the suggestions on this site – I boiled my rings, and was sure to thoroughly dry my hands (and rings) after washing my hands… and since then there’s been NO RASH!!! Woooohoooo!! πŸ™‚ I have a sparkly finger again. Thank God for the internet!

  245. I recently bought a tungsten and mother of pearl ring to celebrate my graduation from college. It’s a thicker band than I’m used to and when the first blister developed, I didn’t think anything of it because it looked like a zit. Then the next one came up and it was much worse. I’m not allergic to anything as far as I’m aware, so I was afraid that I might have finally found an allergy.

    But reading through this post and the comments attached, it sounds like I’ve just got an issue with bacteria (which makes total sense because I try not to get it wet but obviously we all sweat…). I’ll have to try boiling it – the mother of pearl scratches easily, but I assume there wouldn’t be an issue boiling it. Here’s to hoping this is a simple fix!

  246. One word of warning; if your ring has any channel set or inset stones, boiling it may loosen the glue or whatever they use to hold the stones in place. My ring had diamonds inset in the ring and one fell out after boiling it.

  247. I have the same problem, red itchy bumps that come up under my ring ginger. This only started happening after I gained weight and my ring became snug when it used to be loose. I was researching it and someone told me if the ring is too snug in your finger it traps moisture and causes an itchy fungus. The only way to prevent it is to have the ring sized up and try to make sure your finger is dry after each time you wash your hands. I’ve found that the anti fungal cream Lotrimin will take away the itching temporarily and kill the fungus to heal it up.

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