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There is this Day Spa right down the road from our house. I drive past it all the time – but have never given it a second thought, until a few weeks ago. I’ve been having this horrid neck and shoulder pain that has gotten so bad it’s affecting my sleep.. my moods.. yada yada. To the point where my family was begging me to finally do something about it because I guess I’ve been a little cranky. Go figure – Me .. cranky. Who knew?

Anyways – I made an appt. at the spa for a 1 hour full body massage with an emphasis on the neck and shoulder area. Let me just say that it was complete and total heaven and I would recommend regular massage therapy for anyone, anytime – – for any reason. One hour isn’t even long enough, really – by the time it was over, I was whining that I wanted another hour mroe. Instead, I got up and poured myself into their jacuzzi for an hour and then went home and spent the rest of the day living the life of a wet noodle, in complete and utter bliss.

I’ve since become a massage addict and have another appointment for an hour long massage on Wednesday of this week – – this time, I’m dragging Chris with me and he’s getting one too. I’m thinking this could become a monthly, or even bi-monthly indulgence for me. The neck and shoulder pain has greatly reduced in intensity since I started the massages (this will be my third one in the past month). I have gotten a prescription for anti-inflammatory medicine (Prednisone) from my Doc to help with the pain and tension I’ve been having, which helps a great deal, too. However, I’m not really one for taking pills much – – I only do it if it’s absolutely necessary. I’m only on the meds for 10 days and I’m currently on day #8 – – so I’m looking at needing to make some changes in habits and lifestyle to help manage the pain… and regular massage therapy is right up at the top of my list.

The fact that it’s absolutely heavenly doesn’t hurt.

The pain comes from many different things, I think – – internalizing stress, my 10-12 hours a day working at the computer, my sleep habits… the fact that I sleep with a gazillion pillows probably doesn’t help. I’ve had to give up my pile-o-pillows and sleep with just one, and that seems to have helped, as well. At least the incredible pain and migraines have been all but eliminated over the past week and a half and I feel like a new woman because of it. It’s amazing how much pain can truly affect your day to day life like that.

So, I booked an appointment for Chris and I on Wed. morning for the next massage. Seriously, I’d recommend treating yourself to one – – there is nothing like it.

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  1. AGREED! I too suffer from some serious neckpain….I sit at my desk from 9-5 everyday, ahem, like now, and find that I can’t keep my back straight all day!

    I was looking online for some spas and landed on this website called It was like a search engine just for spas and I was able to find a spa in my area and book in right through the site. Check it out if you’re looking for a new place to go!

    Goodluck with the back and enjoy the spas!

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