Tonight is one of those rare nights that I’m working for the Hospice. I decided to remain on the on-call schedule for them to make a few extra bucks here and there – – so, tonight, I’m on call. I just returned from a 3 hour visit with a patient. The drive was 30 miles, one way.

I’m on my drive home and decide I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten dinner.

Ever find yourself hungry, but only for certain foods? It’s not a hungry where I would eat anything. Oh no. THAT couldn’t happen. Noooooo – I have a craving for a fresh deli sandwich.

Not just any deli sandwich – but one from a deli that Chris and I went to in NYC. I don’t’ remember the name of it. I don’t remember the street it was on. But it was the most incredible damn sandwich I’ve had in my lifetime.

With the exception of the cheese steak from Jim’s Steaks on South St. in Philly.

Now THAT is a sandwich, too.

So there I am. Driving past McDonalds…Burger King…KFC….Pizza Hut … Quizznos …Subway … Cousin’s …. Taco Bell – – hungry. None of them appealing to me.

I want pastrami.
On rye.
With raw onions.
And horseradish.
And smoked provolone.

Am I gonna have to turn this car around and DRIVE to NYC??!!

No. I go home. I pop a lasagna lean cuisine in the microwave.

I could have gone to the grocery store. I could’ve bought the stuff to make the sandwich. But there was just something about that deli in NYC. It’s calling my name.

A cheese steak from Jim’s Steaks in Philly would do nicely as a second option.

I’m food frustrated!!

On a side note – – I found a favorite picture of the week:

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