Feet On The Ground

I’m home, finally. That flight was horrendous. Of course, every flight is horrendous to me being the nervous girl that I am with those tin flying machines. /shudder I’m reading a fiction mystery that revolves around a sabatoged plane that ends up plummeting 33,000 feet at full speed and ends up in a 30 foot […]

Someone please just shoot me!

Still in training. I’m sitting here doing XML compliant coding samples. What are you doing with your Sunday afternoon?

Hotter than Georgia Asphalt in the Summer!

Reporting from the heart of the deep south here. I’m in Atlanta and checking email, and such. Let me just confirm that Georgia asphalt in the summer is damned hot! Firstly, for those of you who submitted emails and requests for graphic work – you should have received an email confirming the reciept of said […]

Home Depot, Chelle and Benadryl.

Today is the day! I’m headed down to Atlanta for the weekend for software training. Before that fun begins, though (which really doesn’t start until Saturday) – Chris is taking me on a tour of Home Depots Corporate offices (woohoo – every girls dream), which is where he’s been spending all of his time, lately […]


There is no describing that man who raised me. He truly defies description and it is beyond my reach to be able to accurately explain the man that he is. He’s extraordinary. He is as simple as he is complex. He is the most down to earth and really real human being I’ve ever known. […]


Warn me next time, would ya? Vinny says: I hear Kerry will be giving his acceptance speech tonight. I also hear that there will be an extensive marathon of slug coitus on the Snails Fucking Channel. Decisions, decisions… Slug coitus. *snort*


Apparently – these things are marketed to men. They are personal vending machines with the logo of their favorite sports teams on them. Fill them with beer, soda – whatever you want, I guess. How many of you guys out there would purchase a beer vending machine with your favorite sports logo on it and […]

Bloggin' The RNC

Just popped in at home – taking a break in the work day. I have to head back to the office for a meeting at 3pm. I really dislike end of the day meetings – – it really puts a kink in my plans to skip out early and be home by 2pm! Oh, by […]

Smarty Pants

Ever want to know everything? Here ya go.

Just Checking…

Hey ladies – do you need someone like Teresa Heinz-Kerry re-affirming the fact that you are wise, intelligent and worthy? Do you need her to be your role model as a woman who is able to speak her mind and show you the way toward enlightenment. Do you still dream of a world where a […]

Happy B-Day!

Go on over and wish my good friend, Chelle a very happy birthday! She’s celebrating her 29th birthday for the 4th year in a row – – but don’t tell her I said that. After knowing her for what seems like forever, online (really – it’s about a year…but that’s only after we found out […]

More Chiming in on F911

Yet another liberal columnist has chimed in on the criticism of Michael Moore’s “documentary” – F911: Scott Simon, of NPR, pens When Punchline Trumps Honesty : There’s more McCarthy than Murrow in the work of Michael Moore. A documentary film doesn’t have to be fair and balanced, to coin a phrase. But it ought to […]


My head is going to explode. Can we disenfranchise Florida? Just until they get their shit together?

Misery Loves Company

Thank you Mick. No one should have to withstand such pain and suffering alone and I’m happy to say that my friend, Mick, stood by me and held my hand through the whole thing. It was painful. Even the strongest of opioid narcotics couldn’t keep the pain at bay. I don’t have a thing to […]

Caption This

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’re OFF to see the Wizard! Matt Margolis calls this Kerry’s Dukakis moment. Slobokan compares Kerry to Oompa – – I think he’s on to something here! Mog’s “Little Sperm” carries Gary’s vision a bit further and gives us a visual. The poor Kerry Campaign says that the pictures were leaked by NASA in order […]

What do you think?

It could be a raccoon that someone took an electric razor to. Hmm. Not sure. The locals call it a hyote – – cross between a coyote and a hyena. What do you think it is?

No Whoopi

That’s what you get, folks – for playin’ Whoopi. Don’t look for Whoopi Goldberg at the Democratic National Convention: We hear the Kerry-Edwards campaign thinks the comic is still radioactive after her controversial Bush-bashing jokes at a recent Radio City fund-raiser. Democratic strategists have asked far-left celebs and pundits to hold their tongues this week […]

Smelly Burps

Funny thing about being a nurse who takes care of patients in the home environment, as opposed to a hospital, or other institutional setting. Everyone in the home thinks you’re there to take care of them, too. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to see a patient in their home and after taking […]

Will She Make It?

Two more weeks to go. Exactly two weeks from today. They’ve already asked me to extend my resignation period until they can find someone to replace me. They cited the nursing shortage and lack of time in their failure to replace my position. Now, I’m a nice and giving person, I really am. When they […]

Tough Choices

What the hell?

Couldn’t sleep again last night. I know the reason for it, at least – – (guys, disregard) – – I’m having the absolute WORST cramps in my entire post-menstrual lifetime! I’ve never experienced them this bad — around 2am, they literally about had me in tears…and I’m not much of a tear type person. Around […]

More Insomnia Induced Babble

Ripped this off from rachel – who ripped it from Michael, who stole it from his sister. Why not? Been awhile since I’ve done something of the kind. What is the geekiest part of your music collection? Every single Pink Floyd album. Personally, I think it’s awesome. A friend of mine once informed me that […]

Insomnia Induced Ramblings

You’d think I’d be dropping dead into bed right about now. Not so, apparently. Not that I tend to blog much about our sex life – – but Chris and I are opposite ends of the coin when it comes to post-coital activities. Him? He sleeps it off. Me? The adrenaline rush is still rushing […]


11 PM on a Saturday night and my week is finally ending – – only to have to be on call for work tomorrow morning at 8am bright and early! What’s been keeping me busy? Three new hosting clients this week – – all three of them with newly custom designed templates. These are some […]

Hide N' Seek

If anyone happens to find my sanity laying around their blog, please return it. I seem to have lost it – – and I would like it back.