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Lisa Sabin-Wilson is a subject matter authority on WordPress and BuddyPress. Her book is well written and Lisa Sabin-Wilson understands the heart and soul of the blogger and what they need.. Edje

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We recommend WordPress for Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson. Very good starter guide.@WordPress

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Ms Sabin-Wilson's book was the best of the lot, being at that time the only book on the market addressing the new features in WordPress Version 3.0. I used her code to structure new templates for a couple of the static pages. The book is a good introduction to neophytes and experienced web developers. Robert

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I've seen the book she authors, and can fully appreciate the wealth of knowledge she has published for others....I first came across Lisa through her own blog, and find her to be an excellent communicator. Very friendly too. David Airey

design author and brand identity designer

Lisa is one of my favorite "For Dummies" authors. She wrote a book that I was personally in need of, and that filled a huge void in the marketplace. She's easy to work with, has great ideas, and is always willing to try something new. Ellen Gerstein

Director of Marketing, John Wiley and Sons

As an active (and successful) web designer using WordPress, she's in code almost every day and I've leaned on her knowledge and asked her input and feedback many, many times for our own WP projects. Cory Miller

Owner, Founder:

I’ve seen some parts of this book already (the full thing is winging it’s way from the US as I write this) and it is a great read and well worthwhile the purchase for those starting out with and wanting to extend their knowledge of a blog platform that more ProBlogger readers use than any other. Darren Rowse

Lisa has done it again with the 3rd edition of WordPress for Dummies. This is the only book I recommend for any one interested in learning WordPress. If Lisa's name is on it, you will not be disappointed! Brad Williams

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...Sabin-Wilson is, in my opinion, one of the best technical writers around. Her language is clear, uncluttered and free of artifice. Jerry Saperstein

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Learn WordPress from the BEST! Lisa Sabin-Wilson's latest WordPress for Dummies book is the best book available at this time for WordPress newbies. CitizenX

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Lisa Sabin-Wilson: is the founder of E.Webscapes Design Studio, a blog and web site design and development company specializing in premium WordPress themes, made to order to your specifications. She has designed and developed over 1,000 personal and professional WordPress web sites.

Lisa is the For Dummies brand (Wiley Pub) franchise author on all things WordPress; having worked with WordPress since 2003, she has extensive experience and knowledge on the platform and shares it in her several WordPress-related books. She is also a regular public speaker on topics such as: WordPress, blogging, design and social media. Follow Lisa on Twitter here: @LisaSabinWilson

Keep up-to-date on her bibliography and book updates on her official Amazon’ Author Blog.

Need Help Starting and Maintaining Your WordPress Blog?

Let Lisa Sabin-Wilson Show You The Way:

WordPress For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

WordPress For Dummies, 5th Edition
Get online fast and get the most out of the Web’s most popular blogging tool

Join the millions of bloggers who rely on WordPress, the popular and free blogging platform. This guide covers all the features and improvements in the most up-to-date version of WordPress. Whether you are switching to WordPress from another blogging platform or just starting your first blog, you’ll find lots of advice in this friendly guide. With this easy-to-follow book, you?ll be able to take full advantage of the flexibility and usability of WordPress.

WordPress Web Design For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

WordPress Web Design For Dummies
Learn how WordPress can help you create a unique, customized Web site

Once only a platform for bloggers, WordPress is gaining popularity as a tool for creating individualized Web sites. WordPress expert Lisa Sabin-Wilson makes it easy for anyone with a basic knowledge of the WordPress software to create a custom site using complimentary technologies including CSS, HTML, and PHP. This easy-to-follow, full-color guide helps you identify the tools and technologies you need to create the site you envision and  develop your own theme to personalize your site.  If you know how to use WordPress software to create a blog, WordPress Web Design For Dummies will enable you to quickly and easily construct a unique Web site.

WordPress All In One For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson, et al

WordPress All In One For Dummies
A convenient how-to guide for maximizing your WordPress experience

WordPress is a state-of-the-art blog publishing platform with nearly ten million active installations. Eight minibooks provide you with expanded coverage of the most important topics to the WordPress community, such as WordPress basics, theme designs, plug-in development, social media integration, SEO, customization, and running multiple sites. Veteran author Lisa Sabin-Wilson leads an authoritative team of authors who offer their unique knowledge and skillset while sharing invaluable advice for maximizing your site’s potential and visitor experience.

BuddyPress For Dummies by Lisa Sabin-Wilson

BuddyPress For Dummies
Get your buddies together with BuddyPress and create your own social community

Got a cause, a hobby, or some other obsession you can’t wait to share with a like-minded community? BuddyPress is the buddy you need to get that community started. Here’s how to get BuddyPress up and running on your WordPress Web site and use its free tools and themes to host a social network devoted to your pet projects, right on your site.

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