Chris is flying back home today – – poor guy sounded so tired on the phone. He called when he landed in Cincinnati. His flight left OK at 6:30, he had to drive there from Arkansas – – so the poor boy has been up since about 2 am this morning. He says he didn’t take a later flight because he wanted to get home as soon as possible, in order to enjoy the weekend with me. Awww. 🙂

The kids are with their father this weekend – so it should be a relaxing weekend. After the last three weeks Chris had, my goal is to get him to put work aside and just relax. Hopefully, I’m sucessful in that goal.

Have a good weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Yay!”

  1. She left this morning..it was a nice visit..but now daughter is sick so I’ll be up for a while..can’t sleep anyway but especially when the kiddo is sick.

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