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I’m about to do the upgrade to WP 1.2.1 – hopefully nothing gets munged. (Thanks to Michael adding that new word to my vocab today!). If you see anything wonky – it’s because it got munged and I need to unmunge it.

Munge. Munge. Munge.

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7 thoughts on “WP Upgrade”

  1. I did just as you said (didn’t overwrite the index and comments main pages) and everything went well.

    Here’s hoping for no munging. 🙂

  2. *checking for munginess*

    The wp-usersonline.php got munged – so I took it out for now until I fix it — otherwise, everything else seems okie dokie!

  3. I’m new to this blog thing. Being a bit older than the average on-line news junkie I’ve been slow to realize the potential found by the free expressions found on-line lately. And to think it’s something I actually care to read. Dump the major news sites. I found my home.

    P.S. I just had to buy a shirt and thong for my wife. I could not resist thinking of what her reaction might be.

    Good luck on the site. I love it.

  4. Chris – I hear ya about the potential and freedom of expression. It’s what I enjoy in blogging so much. Welcome to the ‘blogosphere’ 🙂

    Hope your wife enjoys the shirt and thong – great combo! 😀

    Thanks, Chris!

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