Workday Conversations


Via Yahoo IM today between my husband and I:

Lisa: Did you see that help ticket from –Client Name– ?
Chris: Yes, and?
Lisa: I will love you FOREVER if you handle this one.. I’m swamped today. *kisskiss*
Chris: And if I don’t – you’ll only love me until when?
Lisa: Well, forever – – but even longer than that if you handle this one for me!

In the meantime, I submitted my first chapter to my editor at the end of last week and I should be hearing some feedback by the end of this week. I haven’t felt like this since I submitted research papers in college! But – it’s Monday and I haven’t heard back from them telling me that they went ahead and found a new author for the book, so I guess THAT is encouraging, hey?

Totally unrelated – Leanne needs assistance in an email she’s planning to write to John Mayer – go over and help her out, would ya?

Hope you’re having a good Monday!

4 thoughts on “Workday Conversations”

  1. Yeah, that’s just like a woman to use your feminine wiles to get what you want to out of men. I’m onto you people. You’re all exactly the same, and then when you get what you want BAM! you shove a machete right through the man’s heart!

    … well, maybe all women don’t do the whole machete-through-the-heart thing, but those who do give you all a bad rep. You should bring that up at your next world conference.


  2. I want to clarify and say that I have never use the “machete-through-the-heart thing” to get my way.

    Small butter knife, maybe… but machete? Never. o:-)

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